Friday, December 21, 2007

Husbands, and hair

I trimmed my hair yesterday.  It was full of split ends, and Steve and I had agreed it needed to be trimmed.  He was going to trim it straight across for me, sometime.  Yesterday, I just took matters into my own hand. 

I pulled half over each shoulder and trimmed it.  That created a U shape, but in my attempt to even out the U-shape a bit, and emphasize it, I ended up with a deep V-shape.  Well, I didn't want that, so I had to trim it some more to get it back to a U-shape. 

In the end, my 1.5 - 2 inch trim turned into a 3-4 inch trim.  I jokingly told someone that if I took out the trash, so that my hair wasn't staring Steve in the face, he wouldn't even notice I  trimmed it.  In the past, he hasn't noticed until he saw it in the trash. 

I didn't take out the trash, but I threw things away on top of my hair, so it was hidden.  Sure enough, he didn't notice my trim.  I'm not going to tell him, either.  I'm going to wait until he notices.  Of course, the kids might tell him sometime.  We'll have to see.

Aren't men funny?  If I'd told him I wanted to cut 4 inches off my hair, he would have said "No!"  But when I accidentally do it, he doesn't even notice.


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  1. I am glad it turned out OK. I am not good at cutting my own hair. That's why I grew out my bangs. I always messed them up when I trimmed them.

    Merry Christmas!



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