Friday, December 28, 2007

Learning to be a country wife ...

I need to keep this brief since I have so much work to do today.  My family is arriving tomorrow morning, early, for a 5 day visit, and I lost yesterday for preparation due to a septic issue.  Which is what I'm going to tell you about.

We were very worried about the state of the septic tank when we moved in here.  It is old, and we had no idea when it was last pumped.  Earlier this Fall, we had talked to the plumber, who referred us to a septic guy, who referred us to a septic pumping guy.  He suggested we look inside and see what level it was at.  We did and thought (to our untrained eye) it looked good. 

But we knew adding 8 people to the house permanently could change things quickly, so we intended to keep an eye on it.  We've been saying for a couple weeks that we needed to go look at it, but the winter weather made it unappealing, so we didn't. 

Then we noticed our shower was draining slowly, and wondered if it could be related to the septic situation, so for a couple days, Steve has joked that I should go check on it.  Since my family was coming, I decided yesterday to go check on it.  Yikes!!  The water level was FULL, and just  about 2 feet below ground level!!

I frantically called Steve, and then began calling septic pumping services in our surrounding area for price quotes and to find out who could come that same day.  I forbid the kids to flush or use the sink in the bathroom, too.  I finally went with the guy we originally were referred to and had previously spoken to.   He came and took care of it, but in preparation for his arrival, I had to go out and move some big fallen and frozen to the ground branches by myself. 

Steve said that just when we think we've got stuff under control, another bill pops up unexpectedly.  It's not comfortable and not easy, but God always seems to provide what we truly need.  Perhaps He wants us to continue to depend on Him, and not take His blessings for granted.

That was not how I intended to spend my day yesterday, but I'm glad it's taken care of.  Thankfully,  it didn't back up into the house ... that would have been so much worse.  But the shower was still draining slowly when I showered last night, so we decided it must be hair clogging the pipes somewhere.  So we bought something to dissolve hair when we shopped for groceries last night.  We poured it down the drain before bed, and that seems to have resolved the problem.

(Speaking of becoming a country wife ... how many times am I going to have to help Steve get a vehicle unstuck on our own property before winter is over?)

At least the plumbing is ready for company, but I need to work on the rest of the house now.



  1. We had septic problems last year. We had our tank pumped when we moved in and were told that we had a clear letter. Come to find out, the pumping was all they did. They didn't actually check the tank afterward. So 2 years later, our tank was deteriorating. Praise God, we have a wonderful friend in our church who knew just what to do. It cost us a bit of money but at least we can flush in peace!!


  2. I hope the visit was fun and enjoyable.

    I just smile every time I see the picture of those cute little feet.

  3. I hope you can enjoy your family's visit. I will enjoy reading future posts about becoming a country wife. I am glad things worked out. I am sure you are right about God wants us trusting in Him and only him, but some days it would be nice to be a head just a little.


  4. Really, sister, I think having Company-Ready Plumbing is a Big Plus!

    I, too, complain, but God always provides, doesn't He?



  5. Aren't you glad your shower drain was slow and caused you to go look! :)

    Glad to catch up with you! Hope you are all feeling better soon! Praying the Financial classes are helpful!

    In Christ, Eva


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