Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Christmas Gift

We had a good Christmas.  It was a small Christmas, and a quiet Christmas, but a good one.  Due to our move, we had less money to spend on our children's gifts this year, but it was still a good Christmas, and they enjoyed the gifts they received.

Because of a bad cold working its way through all the children, we didn't get to participate in any outside activities.  We missed the gathering with Steve's family, we missed Sunday church, we missed the Christmas Eve service, and we missed Christmas Day dinner with Steve's grandma in the nursing home.  Actually, Steve attended church on Sunday alone, and he had Christmas Day lunch with his Grandma and his parents alone.  We made supper our family Christmas meal, instead of lunch.

Small, quiet, humble.  I was feeling disappointed in all of this yesterday, but then I remembered that is how Christ came.  In a small, humble, quiet environment ... although the angels, shepherds, and eventually the wise men did break that quiet afterwards.  It helped me to realign my thoughts, and remind me of the true focus of Christmas.

It was a good Christmas.  A time spent with each other, at home, celebrating Christ's birth.  And although at first it seemed sad to miss out on all the events we'd planned to attend, I now think it was a gift.   We have been so busy lately, that it was a gift to just be together for four days.



  1. I think the intangible gifts are the ones that last the longest!


  2. I enjoyed reading about this gift for your family - not the Christmas you planned, but special after all!


  3. I like how you were able to realign yourself. We stayed home, too, on purpose-it was lovely. We did have dinner with my dh's family the Sunday before Christmas, but that was it.

    I'm sorry you've all been going thru sickness!

    Merry Christmas! Holly


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