Monday, December 17, 2007

Some kid and kitten funnies to make you smile

The past few days my kids and our cats have made me smile several times.

1.  We have been singing "Angels, From The Realms of Glory" before we read Bartholomew's Passage each night.  I photocopied it from my hymnal so everyone would have a song sheet.  The other night, 1 yo L wanted her own song sheet, so I gave her one.  She sat on the couch, looking at her song sheet and "singing" along.  Sometimes she does get the tune to songs, and occasionally some of the words. Other times, she sings her own tune and babbles along with us.  She was just darling sitting there, staring at a song sheet she couldn't read, and "singing" along, though.

2.  Today 3 yo M came in from playing in the snow to use the potty.  He was the only child (awake) in the house, and I could hear him clearly from the living room.  As he was taking care of his business, he began to sing his version of  "Do you Hear What I Hear".   I could hear his little voice singing  "Do you see what I see?" over and over again.  Except, he pronounced it -- "Do you wee what I wee?  Do you wee what I wee?  Do you wee what I wee?"  At first I was just smiling at his cute preschool-speak.  Then I remembered what he was doing and I just had to giggle.  "Do you wee what I wee?"  *giggle*

3.  Our 4 month old Persian kitten is a funny girl.  When I hang clothes on our indoor drying racks, she comes running to help.  She snags clothes as I pull them out of the basket.  Then once they're hanging on the rack, she climbs under it and bats at the lowest hanging items ... sometimes pulling them off.  But, what really cracks me up is her latest trick.  We have some bronze-looking lamps with 2 bronze cockatoos on each of them.  Well, I have caught my kitten attacking the cockatoos TWICE.  Once she was batting at their faces.  The next time, she was chewing on their crests.  It's just hilarious.  They don't move or anything, but she attacks them.  I'm going to have to figure out how to stop her before she breaks something.

4.  3 yo M has been singing our hymn wrong.  Instead of singing "Come and worship. Come and worship.  Worship Christ, the newborn King"  -- he sings "Hallelujah, Hallelujah!  Worship Christ the newborn king!"  But he can't say Hallelujah.  He says, "Holly Hula!"  It's so cute!!  "Holly Hula!  Holly Hula!  Worship Christ the newborn King!"

Just a few of our giggles this week.  Hopefully they'll make you smile, as well.



  1. You made me smile. That is funny. I especially like the, do you wee what I wee...

  2. Adorable! I don't know what people without small children find to laugh about. :o)

  3. LOL! I love the Do you wee what I wee? What cute stories!


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