Friday, January 18, 2008

3 year old (nearly 4 year old) funnies

Our 3 year old is still a clingy little guy.  He is going to Sunday School without us since we moved, but does not want to go into nursery or children's church here.  At night, he still wants someone to lay beside him until he falls asleep.

Last night, I was laying beside him and his 6 yo brother asked me if I was going to sleep there.  I told him no, but I would stay until 3 yo M was asleep.  Well, then M started fussing that he wanted someone to "peep" (sleep) with him until morning.  He said he didn't want to be alone at night. 

I reminded him that his big brother was sleeping in the same room as him, and that Jesus was with him.  Then he informed me that he wanted someone "OUT of his heart" to "peep with him until morning."  *giggle*  I laughed out loud, and then tried telling him that God's angels watch out for him, too.  But, since they aren't a warm body "peeping beside him" that wasn't good enough, either.

Thankfully, he soon fell asleep and I was able to leave.  Just got to love that 3 year old logic. 

3 yo M is turning 4 in two days.  So I asked him what flavor of cake he wanted.  He informed me that he wanted a chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting, Lightning McQueen, and sparklers on it.  The kids asked him if he meant candles.  No, he meant sparklers!!  So, I asked him if he meant sprinkles, and that is what he meant.  Good, because we don't have any sparklers left from the fourth of July.

I guess I need to run to Walmart tonight to get something Lightning McQueen to put on his cake.  :-) 



  1. LOL. What is lightening mcqueen?

    I just posted a 3 yr old funny on my blog yesterday. My dd thinks she has a brother and sister in her belly and they are going to come out after her head gets cut off, then pull the babies out of her neck, then put her head back on.

    The things they come up with! Holly

  2. How cute--"someone OUT of my heart!" We often re-live three-year-old cuteness!



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