Monday, January 21, 2008

34th Carnival of Homesteading

What a wonderful winter treat we're in for today!  This carnival is full of yummy recipes, and some craft ideas to fill your winter hours indoors.  Maybe keeping our fingers busy will keep them warm.  Or am I the only one whose hands just never seem warm this winter?

Let's begin with the recipes.  Firing up those ovens can warm the kitchen, our hands, our bodies, and our hearts as we share home-made meals with our families.

Gloria, of No Place Like Home, has shared a delicious recipe for German Apple Pancakes.  She has even included a mouth-watering picture that is fit for the cover of a cookbook.  I've never had German Apple Pancakes, and now I'm ready to buy some more apples and try them.

Sisterlisa, of The Homespun Life, has shared her recipe for Hot Dog Rollups in her post "Yes, You Can Eat With Your Hands" .   A fun meal that children always enjoy!

Sheri, from The Shades of Pink, has included the recipe for a staple at her home, Twisty Dogs.  She also includes a picture so we can see her fun "twist" on serving hot dogs to her family.

Amanda, from My Learning Experience, isn't trying to boast when she says she makes the BEST deviled eggs.  Thankfully, she's generous enough to share her recipe for her Delicious Deviled Eggs with us, so we can enjoy them, too.

SimpleFolk shares about  A Simple Saturday at home, and blesses us with memories of her Aunt, and a recipe for Baked French Toast.  Mmmmm ... it sounds wonderful!

Gloria, of No Place Like Home, shares her plans for A Quiet Evening on the Homestead, and another recipe ... this time for Mom's Lemon Meringue Pie.   Again, she shares a picture worthy of a cookbook.  I haven't had lemon meringue pie in so long, but it used to be my Dad's favorite.  Good memories!

Farm Wife Suzy, of Farm Life ... Farm Wife blog, shares a recipe for Making Tub Butter, that saves you money, and tastes better than margarine spreads.

After all those yummy foods, we might need to brush our teeth.  HOMEFree has shared several different recipes for home-made toothpastes on her blog, Marvelous Mud Washing Machine.  I think I'd prefer the Basic Toothpaste recipe, rather than Ben Franklin's toothpaste recipe.

Speaking of Homemade Clean, Lisa shares about natural hair rinses on the Homestead Blogger Front Porch.  There are more ideas in the post comments, too.

Now to keep those fingers busy, and warm, Catherine Love~ Ramblings from my Heart and Home,  shares about a fun craft her family enjoyed last week:  Bean Mosaics.  She says it's so fun, even the Moms join in. 

Kitty, of Kitty's Kountry Korner, has suggestions on how to keep busy (and warm) with Winter Gardening.  Her post is full of ideas on how to begin your garden preparations now, with some indoor ideas and outdoor ideas.

Keri Mae, of A Happy Home, is staying warm with her list of Winter Goals.  Her list includes a cute Valentine's Day  craft, a link to a truffle recipe, and a peek into her family life.  Perhaps her list will inspire you to make your own list of things to do and try this winter.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, Rachel of Rachel's Reasoning, provides a church history lesson in her post, St. Valentine --- Cupid's Arrow or a Saint?  After you've read it, you can share the information with your children.

Abi, of Lighter Side, shares about her experience with bunny trails, in her post Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail.  Her bunnies are much bolder than mine, which we rarely see.  But after a snowfall, it's fun to see how many bunny trails criss-cross each other in the yard.

Boltbabe, from Journey to Simplicity, has shared several frugal tips on recycling household items, in her post, Simply Frugal: Tips for Reusing Ordinary Rubbish to Save $ and the Earth too!  The milkjug bird feeder would be a good afternoon project with your kids.  Then you could set it up, and watch to see what birds are spending the winter in your area. 

Enjoy exploring the Carnival today.  Stay warm, and have fun trying out the recipes and craft ideas. 

Next week, the 35th edition of the Carnival of Homesteading will be hosted by Abi at  Lighter Side.  So be sure to visit Abi on the 28th for another Carnival of Homesteading.



  1. You did a wonderful job! Thank you so much. I announced it on THC blog!! Everything looks great!!!!


  2. You did a great job with the carnival for this week. Thank you for using a post from my blog too. Great job, once again...........Kitty's Kountry Korner

  3. Wow, what a great carnival, thanks for including my link. (I had to laugh that two of us submitted similar posts (The hot dogs)).

    Can't wait to read more and begin clicking away

    Sheri (The Shades of Pink)

  4. You have done a great job! I can't wait to visit these blogs and get some new ideas! :)

    I also love how you changed your the new colors.....



  5. Nice job I hope I can do just a good of a job next week. Get your submissions in everyone! Abi


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