Wednesday, January 9, 2008

An update on us

We had a wonderful time with my family over New Year's and the weekend before it.  Dad brought us a 4 wheeler, and the kids had a blast riding around our property and Grandma's pasture out back.   My poor Dad remembered why he doesn't want to move back to Kansas, though, as he just about froze taking them out on the 4 wheeler so many times.  But, he suffered, for the sake of his grandkids.    Grandma just stayed inside where it was warm, reading books to 1 yo L, and helping with my nephew and the dishes and cooking.  I stayed inside, too, letting Dad and Steve have all that "cold fun". 

It was great to have all 3 of my sisters, and my 7 mo nephew, here.  Although my 3 sisters weren't too thrilled about sharing the same room with each other, their 3 dogs, and my nephew.  They got the least sleep of anyone in the house.  But, it was fun to spend time with them, and a delight to get to know my nephew better.  We are rarely all 4 together.  Sometimes only once a year.   This time, we didn't bore Steve and my Dad by watching chick flicks -- we stuck to family movies everyone could enjoy.

While they were here, Dad wired up the correct outlet for my electric dryer in the basement.  So, I am back in business with a dryer again.  Dad warned me that the circuit is pretty loaded, and recommended I not run the washer and dryer at the same time.  Since I don't want to blow a fuse, I have no intention of running them both.  It has been nice to not have clothes drying in my hallway all the time, and to be able to wash 3 or 4 loads in a day, instead of only 1.5 loads.  It would have taken ages to recover from the extra laundry their visit created without the dryer.  I'm very thankful. 

We're still coughing around here, but are improving.  I imagine, one day, that the coughs and sniffles will be completely gone.  At least, I hope so.

We have a black "barn cat" that has chosen our property for its own.  I don't know its gender, and it won't come near us.  It seems to live out behind the kennel, or possibly in it (if it's found an entrance).  I see it  hunting mice around the property daily.  Our kitchen sink drains via a gray water pipe into the back yard, and it uses that nearly constant puddle as a drinking fountain.  I'm just glad to know it's here taking care of our rodent population.

We are still a one-car family.  Well, Steve can take the old pickup to work, if I must have the Suburban, but it is noisy, has really poor gas mileage, and doesn't heat well, so we have only done that 2 or 3 times.  This weekend, we are picking up a "parts car" that Steve will use to fix up his Buick again.  It will be nice to have two cars again.

We finally got the last of the boxes moved out of the upstairs portion of the house, before my family's visit.  Of course, we now have to get the basement and garage organized.  But it will happen.  And we're still living in our retro-colored rooms with mint green walls, or pepto pink walls.  But it's home, and we're glad to be here.

We resumed our Tapestry of Grace curriculum this week.  It was harder to find books at our small library, but we'll manage.  I need to look at what's available in advance from now on, so I have time to use inter-library loan on books that we need.  But our library is not yet available on the internet, and I'm also adjusting to having to be there in person to do this preparation work.  It will be easier to do when we have two cars again. 

The kids are finishing their breakfasts, so I'd better go be their teacher.  Thanks for reading our update.


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