Monday, February 18, 2008

oh ... the flu, the flu, the flu

We were out of church for two weeks due to a head cold working its way through the family.  We went back to church on Sunday, and then on Tuesday the respiratory flu hit our youngest two.  (Hmm, I bet I know where we picked that up!)  It worked its way through all the children as the week progressed.  High fevers, coughs, runny noses, congestion, headaches, achey bodies, and even some vomiting.  I think this is actually the first time my kids have had the flu.  We've had bad viruses before, and they've had RSV ... but not the flu.  Usually, Steve or I get that.

Steve and I were laughing the other night, because he heard on the radio news that the flu has been bad all over the nation this year.  And (surprise, surprise) it isn't one of the varieties that was in the flu shot they were giving last Fall.  Every year it irritates me how they push people to go get the flu shot ... even though there is no guarantee that it will be the right type of flu shot for what ends up going through your community.

Now we're just watching and waiting.  Hoping no one ends up with a secondary infection from this flu.  So far, no one appears to have any ear or sinus infections.  I'm hoping no one gets bronchitis, either. 

Our home isn't very musical at the moment ... unless it's the percussion of the coughs ... but the kids aren't keeping a very good rhythm with their coughs.  Barking, sniffling, blowing, coughing, throat clearing ... at least the moaning and groaning has stopped.

At the moment, I am the only one not coughing.  I am praying I do not get this flu.  Being pregnant, I do not need to worry about keeping a fever down, to protect the baby.  And I don't want to end up in a negative spiral with my morning sickness, either.   Many times God has blessed me with avoiding whatever nasty bug strikes the rest of the family, even though I spend all my time caring for them, and I'm praying He does the same this time.



  1. I am praying for you all too, especially you, April! In Christ, Eva

  2. We have that flu going through here too. Praying you'll stay well for you and baby. Congratulations on your newest little one growing in your womb.


  3. I hope you guys get to feeling better. We had the nasty flu running around in our house. Everyone got it except for my DD. <knock on wood>

    I wanted to comment on your blog topper. That is the cutest idea. Such an array of cute little toesies.

    I've read some of your posts. You 'speak' so well. I hope to read some more.




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