Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Small update from our home...

I'm sorry I dropped off the face of the earth, so to speak.  I am doing fine.  My morning sickness hasn't been as bad with this pregnancy as any of my previous ones.  It comes and goes, but eating frequently, especially protein, has kept it under control.  My children have been a bit irritated that I keep eating all the leftovers, though. 

I've also adjusted to the fatigue.  I'm not nearly as tired now as I was at first.  And, I didn't catch influenza when the kids had it.  Praise the Lord!   I've just been busy taking care of the kids, homeschooling, and trying to keep up with housework.

We're looking ahead to Spring now, and starting to think about our garden, and whether or not we want to get chicks and build a chicken house this Spring.  We have some standing structures we could adapt, but I think instead we're considering using one of the old fenced kennel areas and building a hen house in that.  We're still giving it some thought, since we don't want to jump into anything without being fully prepared.

We've been struggling with the shocking expense of propane this winter.  We didn't expect such a cold winter, or how much propane our heaters would use.  We've started using two little electric heaters during the day to try to cut the propane usage, and we're considering options to make next winter better. 

But we are doing well, and life is still full of God's blessings.  I'll try to post more often, and thank you all for your kind comments re: our pregnancy, and our illness.  I've appreciated knowing you were praying.


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  1. It is always good to know that those first days of such exhaustion and nausea are waning. Relief is always enjoyable.

    May the rest of your pregnancy go well.



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