Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Aaah ... now that looks like home!

Four months after moving in, I finally hung our pictures and art on the walls.  When we first moved in, I did hang a few large items that weren't packed in boxes (on pre-existing nails).   But that was all I'd done.  At first, I thought I'd wait until after we painted.  But since that hasn't happened and Steve was starting to talk about having company over for dinner, I decided I really needed to get them hung up.

But then I put it off for another couple weeks, because I wasn't sure where I wanted to hang things.  With our large picture windows here, and the tall bookshelves, we have less wall-space in the living room than we are used to.   I didn't want to relegate the family photos to the hallway, but I also didn't want to clutter the living room walls.

This weekend, I just got them all out and started playing with them.  In the end, I did put most of the family photos in the hallway, but hung a group portrait of our children, and one of the whole family in the living room.  It took two days, but we finally found a place for almost everything.  One of my kitchen pictures will need extra care to hang, because I couldn't get a nail to go into the plaster walls ... they're hard as rocks.  And we decided to get rid of 4 smaller plaques.

I wasn't expecting the children to be so enthusiastic about the project, though.  They were actively involved the whole time.  Watching, admiring, offering suggestions.  And little L (turning 2 next week) is still talking about the pictures as we go from room to room ... especially the family photos.  We've walked down the hall naming off each family member, immediate and extended, repeatedly.

We hung our maps in the dining room, and we're all glad to see them again.  We've missed having them easily accessible. 

After that, I unpacked my last box of breakables and "knick-knacks", including my Willow Tree collection, and found safe homes for them. 

The only things left to hang are three long shelves (one of which will display the girls' china dolls in their room) that Steve really wants to wait to hang after painting, and my two coat hook bars (one for towels in the bathroom and one for jackets in the hall).  I'm hoping to convince Steve to let me hang them for now, since he hasn't given me a time-frame on painting, and we really could use them.  He did say that they will not be re-hung until 2 weeks AFTER a room is painted, and has had time to cure.  We hung them too soon in our old home, and ripped paint and drywall off when removing them to move.

I didn't realize how much I missed having these out, until after I hung them.  I wish I hadn't taken so long to hang them, but at least they're unpacked now.  And it does look and feel a little more like home now.


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  1. I know what you mean. It is very comforting to have the important people and things in your life up again. We had all of our things in storage for four months. It was really nice to be able to set up the house finally and see those special items again!

    I am glad to hear your doctor visit went well and that you look forward to the place where you will have your child! With our first two it was a fairly small hospital 10 rooms compared to the larger hospital here in FL. I liked the quiet too!

    I also lost 7 pounds with my third baby due to severe morning sickness. I was overweight though so the doctor was pretty content that the baby was getting everything she needed. I only gained 15 pounds with her the whole time!

    Well, I am thinking of you! In Him, Eva


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