Friday, March 28, 2008

Homeschool Blahs Confession

I confess, I've got the homeschool blahs.  I struggle with this every Spring.  It is hard to push through to the end of the year, at times.  Especially when a moving break is pushing the end of the year into the very middle of the summer.  And a "maternity leave" next Fall means we likely will not take a summer break at all. 

But the other part of the problem is honestly just curriculum doldrums.  We've been using this curriculum for 2 years now, and it's no longer new and exciting.  I don't have any new and exciting curriculum, and I'm not planning to buy any new and exciting curriculum, either.  Oh, I started to do some window shopping and dreaming, but I know that isn't the real answer to the problem.  Every new and exciting  curriculum becomes familiar and bland after awhile.

It's just a matter of pressing on.  And sometimes putting one foot in front of the other is just "blah".  The normal struggles with reluctant workers doesn't help promote excitement, either.  I need a new source of inspiration, to be honest.  But I keep looking at the inspirational homeschool books on my shelf and thinking ... read that one already, just finished that one, don't feel like reading that one. 

I guess it's time to just "do the next thing" as Elizabeth Elliott teaches, whether it's exciting and fresh, or not.  And to discipline myself to continue to do it well, rather than giving it the half-hearted efforts I've been giving.

I wonder if it would help my children to know that Mommy gets the homeschool blahs, too?  That teaching them and planning school and grading school isn't always fun and exciting for me, either.  

Does anyone else have the homeschool blahs?  How do you deal with them, and overcome them?

Trusting in Him,


  1. Living here in FL, this time of year is SOO nice. It's not to hot.. just perfect.So I get the itchies to be out.. which is something like the blahs. Knowing that come summer the windows will be shut, the ac will be on and the late afternoon showers will roll in.

    If you get a chance, pick up the books and go outside. Lay a blanket down and just do school outside.

    Take a day off. I use Monday's or Friday's. Every once in awhile. We just use those days to clean up a little more, I re-organize school a little and we just have fun.

    I always tell myself.. there will always be things to learn.. there won't always be children at home to learn them...

  2. This is so very real. I can relate. After home schooling for 8 years, I still get caught each spring as you described so well. New books never satisfy. Only abiding in Him, and sticking to what He has called us to do. I do believe we need days off or mini retreats if you can manage one. Girls weekends or time alone. Make it a priority. It helps me anyway.

    Blessing to you as you do the right thing!

  3. Oh yes, I do understand! I think all of us do, who have been homeschooling for some time ........I think this is why the homeschool conferences are in the spring time -- because we all need a pick up!!

    When I get the "blahs" I try to choose one thing that would be fun or different to do.... for example right now, I am in a stump..... but I am putting together a unit study on classical music......beautiful feet books offers a lovely guide and it adds some "zip" to things...... nothing major, but enough to liven things up! That always helps!

    I also look forward to our state homeschool conference!

    You are not alone!



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