Friday, March 28, 2008

Making the Family Homestead our Home

This Easter weekend, and into this week, we had my parents, sisters, nephew, and Uncle here visiting.  My Uncle and Dad came to help us work on the house.  Their original intent had been to redo some of our wiring.  But after examining it, they felt it was actually safe ... a little wonky in its arrangement, but safe.  We do need to replace our fuse boxes with breaker boxes at some point, but we didn't do that this weekend.

So, then they started looking for other projects to tackle.  They reworked some of our plumbing, and replaced our toilet with one that actually flushes well.  They added wiring for two ceiling lights in the living room, so we can flip a switch and have bright lighting instead of turning on 6 lamps to have less light.  They added insulation over the kitchen and master bedroom, so that area will be easier to keep warm.  They redid my wobbly saggy clothesline.  They got the chain saw working again, and the 4 wheeler.  They hauled fallen limbs (from the ice storm) to the burn pit, with the 4 wheeler.  They changed a door knob, and generally made us ladies feel rather lazy sitting around inside, although we were caring for the children, cooking meals, doing dishes, etc.

Steve was only able to work with them on Saturday and Sunday, then he had to return to work.  But Dad and Uncle Howard stayed busy.  They are such hard-working men, with lots of experience in many different areas.  We were incredibly blessed by their loving and generous acts of service this week, and are very thankful. 

We've been buying little electric heaters as they go on clearance.  That, along with the added insulation in part of the house, should help us prevent using so much propane next winter.  We will also do something about our windows before next winter ... caulk them better, or cover them with plastic.  Something to prevent the cold drafts.  The thermal drapes have helped, but it could be better.

We are slowly making this our home.  It is Steve's family homestead, and he is the 5th generation to live on it ... our children are the 6th generation.  But we are making it our HOME, not just our family history.  We haven't painted yet, and there are many things left to do.  But it feels like home already, and we are slowly  making changes so it will work better for us.

Trusting in Him,

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