Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Yesterday I had my second prenatal appointment.  I like the Dr's office, and my Dr. even more after my second visit. 

First, it was so fast.  No one was in the waiting room when I arrived.  I was taken back in 5 minutes ... and only waited for the Dr. about 5 minutes after the nurse left.

I had lost a couple more pounds, adding up to 6 lbs. lost since becoming pregnant.  Since I'm only a week from my second trimester, and morning sickness should be over very soon, I shouldn't lose any more weight.  The Dr. isn't happy that I'm losing weight instead of gaining, but she accepted that I've done this with almost every pregnancy and I assured her I'm eating healthily and frequently.

My blood pressure was 90/64.   Last time it was 110/60.  Both those are good baseline normal non-pregnant blood pressures for me.  It will go up later, but I'm glad to see it is starting off normal, as usual.

We heard baby's heart after some searching ... 156 beats per minute.  The Dr. didn't expect to hear the heartbeat, but I was almost certain we would.  I have always heard it around 12 weeks, even though Dr's usually say I likely won't.  I usually feel baby moving before most do, as well.

Then the Dr. walked me over and showed me the maternity ward.  They have two birthing rooms, and baby is examined right there in the room ... and rooms in.  They have one hot tub, but it's in one of the rooms, so if someone is birthing in that room when you get there, I guess you're out of luck.  I don't think they have both rooms full very often, though.  Both rooms were empty today, and I didn't see anyone there at all.   It's small, but it looks good.   They don't have many births in this hospital since most people choose to go to a different town, and they don't have a NICU, for which I'm actually thankful.  It is small, and more relaxed than bigger hospitals.  I'm not going to have to fight a mandatory nursery stay, for instance.  Perfect for me!

I like the Dr. alot.  She's calm, quiet, and she listens.  At my first appointment, she took a long time getting my pregnancy and birth history recorded ... as long as my midwife took when I first met her.  I like that she took the time yesterday do to show me the maternity ward, too.  I think we'll work well together, and that she'll try to accommodate my desires and follow my birth plan, as well.  I prefer working with family Dr.'s like her.

I scheduled my ultrasound for April 14.  I'll have my next prenatal appointment a week later.  I'm looking forward to my ultrasound.  I didn't get one with my two home births, and I really missed it.  If baby cooperates, we hope to find out its gender.  The children are so excited, and can't wait to know whether this is a new baby brother or a sister.  They think April 14 is too far away.

So far, all is well.  In a week, I'll be in my 2nd trimester.  I'm looking forward to more energy and the end of morning sickness.  So is my family.


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  1. all things on the baby front are going well.

    Sounds like a great visit.

    Happy Baby growing :-)


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