Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring is coming

The signs of Spring are starting to appear.  This weekend, I used the clothesline for the first time in months.  And on Saturday, we opened our windows to enjoy the 65+ temps.  It was beautiful!  (Of course, we had rain and snow on Sunday.)  Monday, I looked out my kitchen window and saw a fat robin in the yard.  Today I looked out my kitchen window and saw 4 robins looking for worms!  Yes, at the same time ... it wasn't one bird coming and going.

Spring is coming.  I've been reading and studying to learn all I need to know about having our own laying hens.  I've been pricing the cost of chicks, and their accessories, and making plans.  And hoping we can keep our chicks safe from coyotes (yes we hear them howling at night sometimes), hawks, foxes, coons, stray dogs ... and, and, and.  The list seems endless.

I started reading my gardening books, plus a few more from the library.  Then it hit me.  Rabbits.  Deer.  Raccoons.  Gardening will be different this year, and I need to figure out how to protect our garden without too much cost and trouble.  I don't know if we have raccoons here, but we probably do.  I know we have deer and rabbits in abundance.  Just last week Steve came home to find 10 deer in the wheat field right next to our proposed garden plot.  And we've seen the bunnies, and their tracks, all over the place.  Do we even stand a chance at harvesting anything?  I hope so.

I think I need to "toughen up" a bit and adjust myself to the uncertainties of country living.  But, at the moment, I'm just enjoying all the signs of Spring.  This week's temperature may be falling again, but the signs of Spring are still around.



  1. I wish I had your energy. I have to house train a dog in 2 weeks and the thought is just exhausting.

    Sounds delightful where you live.

  2. Don't worry too much yet about your chickens. We also have coyotes & racoons & hawks. We usually do lose 1 oe 2 chickens each fall from hawks when the leaves aer all gone & the hawks can see the chickens better.

    What kind of chicks are you getting? We got buff orpingtons, silver laced wyandottes & barred rocks-they have laid eggs all thru the winter for the last 2 yrs. Our old chickens didn't do that-they were rhode island reds. The buff orpingtons are good mothers, too and tend to hatch out their own chicks. We had one do that last Spring-so much easier than raising them by hand!

    But, that's it. The coyotes are very skittish and don't come near our house or barn. We do hear them at night, though.

    Plus, we have 2 dogs. Do you have a dog? They seem to help keep the deer, rabbits, racoons away for the most part.

    The skunks aren't too afraid of them, though-we had to shoot one a couple months ago.

    I have read that if you sprinkle human hair around the edge of your garden, it will keep some wild animals away.

    Our garden is mostly left alone. We did have problems with chipmunks taking bites our ot our strawberries last year, though.

    Beef cows are really cheap right now due to the beef recall & price of corn. We just bought 10 5 month old beef cows at 90 cents/lb. The price of beef on the hoof is supposed to keep going down, too.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I'm in the last couple months of this pregnancy. Holly


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