Monday, April 14, 2008

And the verdict is ... drumroll please ...

We went for our ultrasound today.  Technically, I am 17 weeks, 6 days pregnant.  Baby looked healthy, with all its parts in good working order.  Heart rate was 132, once it held still long enough to get a good measure.  Baby likes holding its arms up around its head, and across its face ... sleeps like Daddy, I guess.  It measured at 18 weeks 6 days, and 9 ounces.  Since the dates can be off by a week, either way, my due date will likely not change.  Or I may be having another big baby ... which from the best we can tell, is most likely a boy.  Both my boys were big.  J was nearly 9 lbs, and he was 10 days early.  I always have wondered how big he would have been, if we hadn't induced early.  M came right on time, but he was 9 lbs. 12 oz.  Yikes! 

It wasn't easy to tell the gender, at first.  The umbilical cord was running between the legs, blocking our view, although I kept thinking I was seeing a "turtle" to the left of the cord.  We checked again later, and although baby didn't like holding still, it looked like a "turtle" to the technician and me.  She was a little hesitant to declare it a boy, but that's her best guess.  All the kids and Steve were there, so we all were able to see it, and hear the verdict.  We won't go all-out buying blue stuff, but it's probably another boy.  And an active one, at that. 

Made me smile because when I was pregnant with 2 yo L, the only gender specific items I bought were a couple girlie outfits at a yard sale.  Last weekend at a yard sale, I bought two gender neutral sleepers, and one boyish one at a yard sale.    Maybe I have some subconscious ideas, after all.  Or, God just provides what we need, even when we have no idea.

Then there is our name issue.  We have been undecided on one gender name with the last several pregnancies ... only to not need that name, after all.    God has helped us settle on the name we DID need.  This time, I have had a hard time even making a "top favorites" list of girl names.  The boy list of names is much shorter and I like almost all of them. Steve has asserted this baby is a boy, all along, and has used a specific name a couple different times.  The kids are sure we've chosen that name, but when I asked Steve if he was settled on that name, he just gave me "a look".   So, I guess not.

We'll see.  It could be a girl, but ... it looked like a boy.    I keep reminding the kids that we can't know for sure, but they are convinced it's a boy.   Of course, I've had to try hard not to refer to the baby as HIM all through this post.  Regardless, it's healthy so far, and that's most important.

Trusting in Him,


  1. Congrats!! Either way it's a blessing!!

    So happy for you!

  2. Congratulations, and glad your little one is healthy!

    Thank you also for your post on mothering--much food for thought.


  3. how exciting! Congrats on your maybe-a-boy :-) and healthy baby

  4. Congratulations!


  5. Haha. Cute blog. Love all the feet at the top (:

    Mind if i add you/you add me?


  6. Thanks!

    Your added.

    Its like one of my new favorite songs ! ^_^


  7. Congratulations April! What wonderful news!

  8. I am enjoying reading your posts.


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