Monday, April 7, 2008

The Evolution of a Clothesline ...

Last August I posted an entry entitled "Falling In Love with Whole Laundry" about my love of my clothesline.  I followed it up with "Photos  to Go with  My Laundry Love".    At that time, my clothesline was an umbrella-style clothesline tree.

We left that clothesline behind, when we moved to the farmhouse.  We talked about digging it up and bringing it with us, but just haven't done it yet.  We still own that house and could move it later, if we choose to.

After we moved here, we tried to string a new clothesline on the existing clothesline poles.  One pole was loose, though, and the clothesline we bought was too stretchy.  It sagged to the ground, when it had clothes on it.  We only strung one line, since the rope was so bad. I posted about "Our Rustic Laundry System" in November, about two weeks after we'd moved in. 

I wasn't able to use our saggy clothesline for very long, before winter really set in.  Then we spent most of December using our two indoor wooden drying racks.  I was able to keep up with drying clothes this way, as long as I washed a load or two of clothes daily, washing exactly what would fill the two racks.  We set a fan in front of the heater vent to blow on the racks.

Then in January, my parents came to visit, and my Dad put his electrical knowledge to use, and installed some wiring that would let me run my electric dryer in the basement.   We continued to use the indoor drying racks, at times.  I tried to air dry half my laundry, and use the electric dryer for the other half. 

In March, my Dad and Uncle came to visit over Easter.  They came to help do some work on the house, as I blogged about in "Making the Family Homestead our Home".   One of the many things they did was to fix my saggy baggy clothesline.  After they left, we just had too many cool rainy days to use the clothesline.  I could have used it some days, but worried that the items I line dried would have to come in that evening and finish up in the electric dryer, since rain was expected overnight.

But this weekend, we had warm, sunny weather and I finally was able to test my new clothesline.  It worked wonderfully, although I think we are going to tighten the lines (THREE LINES) a little bit more.  It was a bit challenging hanging out clothes in 30 -37 mph winds.  I realized we really need to put a new windbreak along that property line.  The previous one (an orchard) was cut down several years before we bought the farmhouse.  I had to hang heavy items like jeans indoors, because they just blew off the lines.

Now that's a clothesline I don't have to be ashamed of!  We've finally arrived!!

Trusting in Him,

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