Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fleeting Flutters and Tiny Thumps ...

No, I'm not referring to mice in the walls, or any other critters.  Nothing that goes bump in the night ... except a little tiny baby growing inside me.  Just before 14 weeks I was blessed with a "sneak peak" when I felt 4 or 5 fast kicks against an elastic waistband.  But in the past week, I've begun to feel little flutters and thumps.  This morning as I was reading my Bible, I felt several thumps in a row, in the same area, that was definitely the baby greeting me.

I'm so thankful for those fleeting flutters and tiny thumps.  I love hearing the baby's heartbeat around 12 weeks, but until I feel those daily movements, I can't help but worry and wonder at times.  Is my baby still okay?  Will my next Dr. or midwife visit still find that heartbeat?

But now the baby and I can communicate daily.  If I start to wonder, I just need to drink some juice and lie down to rest for awhile.  Baby will wake up and reassure me that he/she is well.  And I love feeling that new life and new personality growing inside me. 

In 6 days we will have our ultrasound, and I will get to see this new little one.  I've lived without ultrasounds before, and I could do it again ... as long as I could feel those little thumps and flutters, and eventually bumping and banging around inside.  (Yes, I've had some rowdy little babies before.)

Praising God for this precious gift today,

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  1. Congratulations!!! How wonderful & exciting! I have one more month to go before baby #4 arrives.

    I hope you're feeling well. Holly


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