Monday, May 12, 2008

Haircuts, Brunch, Clothing Switch, and Lunch with Grandma

We had a pleasant, but busy, Mother's Day weekend.  It began Friday with showers for all the children (knowing that Saturday was going to be quite packed) and haircuts. 

I set up my hair salon in the living room Friday evening, and started with cutting 3-4 inches off the back of my oldest daughter's hair, 12 yo A.  She used to never want it cut, but now she asks me to trim it to her upper back-shoulder blade length once or twice each year. 

Then it was time to trim my youngest daughter's hair.  2 yo L needed her bangs trimmed, and we decided to trim the hair around her face also, curving it so the wisps don't end up getting into everything she eats.  We left its length in back, and thankfully, her natural wave and curl makes it look cute.  I'm sure if her hair were straight, it would have been a sloppy-looking job.  But with the wave and curl, it covers my mistakes.

The boys both got their hair trimmed.  I do use the clippers, but I never buzz the top very short.  I use the longest "cutting guide" on top, and the #3 around the sides and back.  And then it was Steve's turn.  He'd mentioned having me use the clippers all over his head (like the boys) earlier in the week, but backed out at the last minute, and still had me use scissors for the top of his head.

Saturday morning, the three oldest girls and I went to brunch with the ladies of our church.  It was held at a tea house in our town, and was delicious.  Well, I thought so.  Two of my daughters didn't enjoy the meal, and one enjoyed most of it.  I enjoyed *all* of it! 

We rushed home from the brunch and did the seasonal clothing switch.  I didn't have all my laundry washed and put away beforehand, as I prefer to do.  But, now that the boxes are stored in the basement, instead of the kids' closets, I have been waiting for Steve to be home to carry the boxes upstairs for me.  When we moved in, I carried many of them downstairs myself, but I wasn't pregnant then.

Partway through the clothing switch, Steve suggested I get the boxes organized again.  They used to be divided by gender and size, but that was lost several years ago, and has become worse with each year.  That goal, combined with needing to finish the laundry to pull out more winter items that weren't clean, meant that we didn't get the boxes put away again that day, as we usually do.

Sunday, we attended church, and then went to the nursing home to eat a delicious lunch with Steve's Grandma.  It really was a wonderful meal, and Steve and I left there very full (after cleaning a few kids' plates).  We visited with her for awhile, and then we left to do some quick shopping while we were in town.  After a visit to the grocery store and Walmart, we headed home. 

The rest of Mother's Day had Steve and the kids outside doing yard work, and me inside doing laundry slowly.  We were working, but not in a rushed way.  It was fairly relaxed.  We went to bed with a messy living room and dining room as proof of our busy weekend, and relaxed Sunday afternoon/evening.

I woke up this morning and planned the kids schoolwork for the week, after my devotions.  While the kids were doing their schoolwork, I spent quite a bit of time trying to download the Mother's Day gifts at  Now, the schoolwork is done and it's time to get the kids moving on chores.  I need to fold the clean clothes, and have the kids put away the items they're keeping out, so I can sort these boxes of clothes and get them out of my living room.  The boxes being here makes every little mess seem gigantic.

Tomorrow we have a homeschool picnic and meeting, and some errands to run in town.  I'm not sure how much housework will get done at home, so we'd better get moving today.  I hate to think about it, but I may still be working on this clothing switch on Wednesday.  It never takes me more than two days, and this time it's just dragging on and on.   But it will definitely be better to have the tote boxes organized.  Then if someone gets too tall for their pants, I can go look for larger ones instead of waiting until the next seasonal switch.

While the children start picking up their messes, and before I start folding laundry, I need to get the pork chops and rice into the oven for supper.  I won't have a box-free living room when Steve gets home, but we'll clean up the rest of the messes so it looks better than when he left this morning.

Trusting in Him,


  1. The tea sounds lovely! I cut my boys' hair now, and I just use a #3 and a #2 guard. It't not fancy but it doesn't look too bad.

    I'm glad my post encouraged you, thank you for stopping by my blog!

    Abiding in the Vine!

  2. The tea sounds lovely! I cut my boys' hair now, and I just use a #3 and a #2 guard. It't not fancy but it doesn't look too bad.

    I'm glad my post encouraged you, thank you for stopping by my blog!

    Abiding in the Vine!

  3. I cut my family's hair too. As a matter of fact, I'm going to cut tonight. My DH is the easiest. I use the #1 guard all over his head! He's basically bald on top anyway so he wanted to quit pretending.


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