Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How to keep your microwave clean

I've discovered the secret to a clean microwave.  Raise it to eye-level. 

In our old home, the microwave was on a microwave cart, lower than the kitchen counters.  I rarely ever cleaned it.  Steve would occasionally comment on its dirtiness and scrub it out for me.  I just hardly ever noticed it.  It wasn't filthy ... I'd have noticed that.  I've seen some really disgusting microwave interiors, and it wasn't like that. 

But, in our new home, the microwave lives on top of a tall chest of drawers.  (What?  You don't have a chest of drawers in your kitchen?  I highly recommend it.  They supply great storage!)  The microwave is now right at my eye level.  I only have to bend slightly, if I want to see the ceiling of the microwave. 

You know ... the microwave is getting cleaned much more often now. 

Of course, if you're bordering on OCD and your family is telling you to stop cleaning the microwave every time you use it, perhaps you should lower yours down so low you can't see inside it easily.  And then move fast.  Don't linger when you put something in, or take something out.  Just rush off to the next thing, and shut that door quickly.  (Not sure how likely this scenario is, but it might help some Mom out there.)

Trusting in Him,


  1. My microwave, sadly, doesn't get cleaned that much. But I think it's because it's up too hight for me. It's up high enough to where I can't see in it, but I can put things into it. I have had that thought...that if it was more at eye level, then perhaps I would clean it more often. :)



  2. Our microwave is a spacesaver that goes right over the range. I agree with you I definitely clean it more often with it eye level. A tip for cleaning your microwave is to put a wet paper towel in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Then use the towel to wipe it down. If it's really dirty, you can put a cup of water in there to really steam it up and loosen the dried on stuff.


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