Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trying to think of something to post ...

I keep feeling like I should post an update here, but can't think of anything to post.  We had a busy week last week with family coming in for the funeral, the funeral itself, and helping to clear out Grandma's room at the nursing home.  It was topped off with a stomach virus hitting the kids.  Not fun!

We just got the kids moved back into their bedrooms yesterday, although I did keep the last-hit child (4 yo M) on his bedroom floor in a sleeping bag, just in case.  (We don't like kids throwing up in their beds, or even their bedrooms in the middle of the night, so we usually move them to the living room floor on pallets, with buckets beside them as soon as one of them gets sick.) 

After several days of pallets all over the living room, it was a mess.   So yesterday we had to clean up the scattered toys, vacuum most of the house, and basically regain some order in the home.  I played around with figuring out how to fit in two chairs and another lamp that we received from Grandma's room.  In the end, I actually removed one of our wooden rockers (needs repaired) and 3 lamps (no longer needed with the overhead lights we added) to achieve a better arrangement.

We've had rain daily for a week.  It's nice to have the cooler weather, but I'd love some sunshine, and to be able to use the clothesline and send the kids out to play without them coming in muddy messes.  Steve was able to get quite a bit of outside yard work done last week and during dry moments over the weekend, though.  The bushes are getting long-overdue trims, and he was able to mow really well last week, as well.  

We're continuing on with our schoolwork.  We still have 6 weeks to finish out this school year.  And we have to get at least 6 weeks of school in before the baby is born, so we can take a break afterwards.  We may get a few weeks off in July, but not many. 

We have 2 weeks of Tapestry of Grace, Year 2, left.  We're finishing up the Revolutionary War, and beginning to learn about the French Revolution, as well.  I pulled out the Year 3 lesson plans yesterday so I can start looking at what we'll be covering in the upcoming unit.

The children are diving into their summer reading programs.  Besides our local library program, they're doing The Old Schoolhouse Summer Splash reading program, as well.  They're glad they can count their Tapestry of Grace reading for the programs, but also sneaking in as much personal reading time as they can.  I signed up for the local library program for adults, but haven't read anything yet.  I need to pick something to read when we go to the library today.

We're still battling the barn swallows.  I had decorated our porch with bunches of tissue paper and curling ribbon to dissuade them from landing above the window or door.  It worked for awhile, but they finally found a way to land over the window.  Now, we just go out daily and knock down any progress they've made.  With the rain, they're making steady progress, but have yet to complete a nest. 

Life is just continuing on, in a quiet steady way.  We're all taking each day as it comes, learning to do our work faithfully and cheerfully (still working on that part), and learning to love each other as God desires (that's the hard part, right?).  Each day  we have to work through each of those issues at least once with the children, and even ourselves.  But we keep trying, and keep looking to God for strength and grace to get up and do it all again.

And now, my 2 yo has asked me to "take me hand" and "come here", so I'd better go help her wash those sticky hands and get her some goldfish crackers, and help the 7 yo with his math.  Just another day in our family.  *heart*

Trusting in Him,

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