Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crockpots and Guinea Keets

No, the guinea keets are not in the crock pot!!  Those are just my two latest projects. 

I'm trying to use my crock pot more often, for several reasons.  Mainly, it won't heat up the kitchen like the propane oven and stove top do.  We have no air conditioning, and it's an adjustment for all of us.  But, when I use the crockpot, I also have to decide on what I'm cooking earlier in the day.  Which means I'm not staring blankly at my refrigerator or into my cupboards at 5 pm, and finally serving hot dogs because it's the only thing not frozen.  Besides, the crockpot makes my kitchen smell yummy all afternoon.

I found a neat crock pot recipe blog today, and was perusing it for ideas earlier.  She also has links to other recipe blogs, or blogs that do the Slow Cooking Thursday meme.   A Year of Crock  Potting  I actually saw a link to her blog on another blog last week, but didn't click on the link to open it.  Then the original blog was lost and I couldn't figure out where I'd seen the link.  I finally used google to find "crock pot, gluten free, blog" and it came right up.  Yay!  We don't eat gluten-free, but her recipes are yummy, either way.

We also have 5 guinea keets, as of Saturday.  We didn't get chicks this year, although 2 yo L thinks these are chickens.  She tells us "I go batement, see chickens."  They are cute!  They arrived in the store on Thursday, we bought them on Saturday, and by Monday they were already getting their wing feathers in.  I think they're taller already, too.  They either eat alot, or they just waste alot of food by scattering it around the floor of their little tote.  We have to clean out their waterer 2 times each day, because they manage to get food and wood shavings in it.  I know three of them are white guineas, but I'm not sure about the other two. Two of them are white with gray markings on their back; the other 3 are completely white.

We can't wait to set these little ones free outside to eat the bugs and ticks!  They are so fun to watch.  Once when I was down there, one of them stepped into the waterer, and came out dripping water off his chest.  Another keet was leaning over and looking intently at those drops of water hanging off his feathers ... you could just see him wondering what they were.  Today, when I was down there, one of them was picking up wood shavings in his beak, and another one was chasing him trying to get it away.  Such a special treat ... those wood shavings. 

I wanted to take a picture of them, but the flash on my digital camera is broken.  I do have two that one of the girls took this weekend, so they will have to do.

Trusting in Him,

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