Thursday, June 12, 2008

Double Digits, Turkeys, Poison Ivy, Bugs, and Does

I am in the double digits for days counting down to my estimated due date.  96 days to go!  (or a bit more, or less)  I just realized today that I'd dropped to less than 100 days.  Yay!   So far, everything is going really well.  I feel pretty good, although I do have some aches and pains that come and go.  I'm healthy so far, and hoping not to have blood pressure problems this pregnancy.  I see the Dr. next week, and I'll update again after that.  I'll be 6 months pregnant next week, and am excited to be getting close to my final trimester.

Yesterday, we went into town for a checkup for two of the girls.  As we pulled out of our driveway onto the gravel road, heading toward the paved road, we realized a turkey was running along in front of us.  We went slowly and watched him run faster and faster down the gravel and attempt to fly over the paved road into the woods on the other side.  I'm glad there weren't any cars on the paved highway, or they would have hit the turkey.  Those turkeys don't fly very well. 

It was funny yesterday.  The Dr. walked into the exam room, where all 6 kids and I were waiting, took one look at the boys and said, "Oh, poison ivy!"  7 yo J wanted to know how she knew.  I told him I was pretty sure she'd seen lots of poison ivy before.  *wink*  Most people don't know what has happened to the boys, though, and think it's scrapes, burns, or who knows what they think?  We've had to explain it over and over, it seems.

While we were in town, we went to the library.  The kids collected their prizes for the summer reading program, which has a bug theme.  They love being in the summer reading programs, and are happily reading each day.  We have lots of bugs here at the "farm", and thankfully, the kids are taking more of a curious interest in them than a fearful avoidance.  Although we could all do without the ticks and the gnats that keep congregating in the bathroom.  Gnats, not ticks.  There aren't ticks congregating in the bathroom.  Some of the bugs we can't identify, though.  Like the odd green-toothed furry spider 12 yo A found that we think might be a jumping spider.  We aren't certain, although when A released it, it did jump at her.  I wish I'd seen her and 11 yo R run off screaming after that.

This morning, around 10 am, the kids and I all gathered around my bedroom window (we moved from the kitchen window so we could see better) and watched a doe eating in the trees by one of our outbuildings.  She spent 15 minutes just under the edge of the trees, moving back and forth, before she walked further into the trees and out of our sight.  2 yo L and 4 yo M both called her a camel, though.  *giggle*  I guess the color and long face are somewhat similar. 

I had just watched a doe cross Grandma's pasture and disappear into a different set of trees before the kids woke up this morning.  And last week, while the girls washed the supper dishes, we saw one walk across our back yard into the same trees we were watching together this morning.  Then something spooked her and she ran across our yard, into the pasture, and into the other trees I was watching alone this morning.  I wonder if it has been the same doe all 3 times.

We're finishing our final week of Tapestry of Grace, year 2, at the moment.  We're studying the constitution, its creation, early American government leaders, and a bit of the French Revolution.  Next week, we will start Tapestry of Grace, year 3, and continue on with early American history and the French Revolution, as well. 

12 yo A has dragged her feet about reading The Scarlet Pimpernel for history/literature study.  She kept begging me to find her novels and was so excited to reach the French Revolution.  I couldn't figure out why she just wasn't wanting to read this book.  Yesterday, I picked it up to decide just how boring it was, and if I should let her give up on it.  I read the chapter she'd just finished, and then sat down and finished the whole book.  It was so exciting!  But we rushed out the door for the Dr. appt. at the last minute, and I didn't realize that 2 yo L had covered herself and ME with orange stains from her cheese curls she ate with lunch.   I told 12 yo A when I was done that the book was very exciting and she should hurry up and finish it.  She did ... staying up after we prayed even (sneaky thing) to read at bedtime.  I guess it just had a slow start.  But hopefully this will be a lesson to her about giving a book some time and not giving up too quickly on a book.

We've had lots of stormy weather all around us lately, including tornadoes, but thankfully most of the storms (and all the tornadoes) have passed us by. 

That's just a little random update on our family.  We're all doing well, and life is just merrily rolling along.

Trusting in Him,

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