Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You might have outgrown your maternity capris if ...

(instead of a redneck joke, it's a maternity clothes joke)

You might have outgrown your maternity capris if ...

... every step you take, you feel them wiggle lower on your hips and belly. 
... they pull your underwear down as they wiggle down.
... every 5 minutes (or less) you have to stop and hitch them up.

I started out this pregnancy with practically no summer maternity clothes.  I had several short sleeve maternity t-shirts, 2 short sleeve maternity dresses, and one pair of maternity coverall shorts.  That was it.  I had some skirts I could probably wear through most of the pregnancy, but without air conditioning this summer, I wasn't sure they'd be very comfortable, because they are a heavier fabric.

I quickly acquired one pair of capris that are the under belly style ... size large denim.  I got them from freecycle, along with a pair of snug shorts, snug jeans, and loose pajamas.  I knew I wouldn't be able to wear the capris the whole pregnancy, based on them being a tad tight-fitting to begin with.  Think ... must wear with really long maternity shirt snug.  They also didn't come very far below the knee and had a slimmer fit through the thighs than I like.

But the only other pair I had was a pair I bought from an internet friend.  They were XL and supposed to come mid-waist.  But they are too BIG!!  Even trying to pin the waistband, they wouldn't stay up.  I set them aside thinking maybe I'd grow into them later in the pregnancy.  I probably will.

Anyway, I put the snug ones on this morning, and every step I took I could feel them wiggle lower.  The small pockets wouldn't stay tucked in ... white kept showing from the lining.  And I kept having to hitch them back up ... WITH my underwear!!  I hadn't worn them since COMamaBear and her family visited us on May 31 ... I didn't think I'd grown that much in those 2.5 weeks ... but apparently JUST enough to outgrow these capris. 

I took them off.  I'll be putting them away (along with the snug jeans and shorts they came with).    I will not wear them to the Dr. office, or anywhere else, for that matter.  I won't even wear them around the house ... I like my pants and under things to stay in place.  I don't like feeling like a redneck with a beer belly hitching his pants up all the time. 

At least God blessed me with three more pair via yard sales in the previous two weekends (May31 and June 7).  The first pair is a very loose pair of long khaki capris that have a draw string waist that goes OVER the belly.  Very modest ... cost me $2.  The other two pair are denim ... also longer loose-fitting capris that go OVER the belly ... but their elastic is a bit too loose and I have to use a diaper pin to tighten it up a bit.  $.25 each.  

And apparently, the new capris came JUST in time!!  Thank You, God!!

Rejoicing in Him,


  1. ArrowsInOurQuiverJune 18, 2008 at 1:20 PM

    Pregnancy...Oh the fun! I understand about the Air Conditioning...we were without AC last Oklahoma humidity and 100 degree temps with me being in the latter part of pregnancy. God provides and takes care of us though! Hope things are going well...good luck with the clothes.

  2. been in your shoes in quiet a while. But what a hoot.

    Thanks for the good giggle!

  3. April, how nice to hear of your mothering journey. I love the quote "the days are long, but the years are fast" So true.



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