Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Eyeglasses, scoliosis, and the county fair

Today I took the last of the 6 children in for their physicals.  It's been a couple years since each child had a physical, so we decided to do that now that we have better insurance coverage.  Today, it was 12 yo A's visit.  As expected, we learned she needs glasses.  My Dad, 2 of my sisters, and myself got glasses around age 10 and in 5th grade.  We had A's eyes checked at age 10, and they were fine.  But in the past 6 months, she'd expressed that she could not read signs that others in the car could read when we were out and about.  We knew we needed to get her eyes checked again.  Today she tested at 20/70 in one eye.  So, we'll get her in to see an actual eye doctor and get a more thorough examination, and get glasses for her.

The surprise of the visit (although I am not that surprised) is that she also has scoliosis.  Since I was also diagnosed with it in junior high, I wasn't too surprised.  So we had x-rays done of her back today to verify the degree of the curvature, and she is supposed to see an orthopedic surgeon in September.  We'll have to go to another town for that visit, though.  I know they won't do anything at this point.  Hopefully, she will be like her Dad and I, and her spinal curvature will remain too small to need any treatment at all. 

But we will be discussing how to take care of her back.  I injured mine badly in high school when trying to do 100 situps and crunches daily to "get in shape" for school.  It was then further aggravated by carrying my backpack to and from school.  I don't want her to go through the pain I went through for over a year, so we'll have to teach her proper ways to lift and carry things.  At least she won't have heavy backpacks to carry to school daily.

It's county fair time here.  We went last night to watch the mutton busting and do a hay bale maze.  There weren't any animals yet, but it was nice to get acquainted with the fairgrounds when it's less crowded.  We saw some neighbors, and church folk, which was nice.  We'll be going back tonight so the boys can participate in the pedal tractor pull, and we can see the animals. 

Last night at the fair, I was an interesting sight, I'm sure.  I was carrying 2 yo L on my back in a mei tai baby carrier (pronounced "may tie").  I had one strap tied above my 30 week pregnant belly, and the other strap tied under it.  I'm not sure they've ever seen anyone using a mei tai at the fair here before, let alone a woman as pregnant as I am.  I will probably be using it again tonight, and I'll try to get a picture this time.  A friend gave me the mei tai (one she had made) to use with the new baby, but I've also found it handy for putting  L on my back.  She likes getting "piggy backs" from Mom this way.  Mom doesn't carry her "piggy back" most of the time.  

I usually use a Maya wrap baby sling to carry my babies and toddlers around in these settings, but I was hoping the mei tai would distribute her weight better.  I really think it did help to have her weight on both shoulders, my back, and my waist instead of all on one shoulder.  This was the first time I'd used it out of the house, and the first time I'd used it with a big pregnant belly.  Since I didn't have a mirror or counter or couch to back up against to help position her, I did get help from Steve or one of the older kids to be sure I had the body of the mei tai between her legs and not twisted, and to take her out when she wanted out.  When I tried it out at home several months ago, I was able to do it alone.

Now, I think I'm going to try to get a little nap with 2 yo L before we need to fix supper and head to the fair.  And I'll try to get back here later with a picture of me with L in the mei tai.

Trusting in Him,


  1. I love those links for the back pack and sling. I bookedmarked the sites to order later. Thanks.

    I am so glad that your son was diagnosed early for the curvature of the spine. That must have given you some relief to find it early.

  2. We were just at our county fair yesterday! My oldest dd was in the 4-H horse show & won several ribbons. I blogged about it this morning.

    I also used my baby carrier for our 8 week old baby. I have a Moby Wrap that I LOVE! I have chronic back problems and have no pressure on my back at all with this carrier.

    I also wonder if anyone there had seen something like this because I had people staring & even pointing. LOL Holly


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