Thursday, July 17, 2008

Getting ready for the baby, some of my nesting

A few weeks ago, I spent a day or two sewing.  I made our traditional double-layered flannel baby blanket with the satin blanket ribbon binding.  And then I converted some flannel receiving blankets into double-layered burp cloths.  We also have diaper service quality prefolds that we use as burp cloths.

I've also been admiring these teeny tiny pocket diapers that are waiting for baby.  I've never had size small pocket diapers before, so I'm looking forward to using the 3 I have.  Two of them are small FuzziBunz, and the blue snowman one was made by my friend Tina of Heartland Dreams

The majority of our cloth diapers for the baby are Mother-Ease diapers, though.  We have one small Sandy diaper (the whale tag), and a drawer full of their One-size diapers (on the left).   We started using these when 9 yo C was a baby, and we have acquired a large supply of them since then.  We love how soft they are and that they fit our babies from the time they are a few weeks old, until they are 2 yo.   I like the Sandy's, too, but we mostly use the One-size diapers.  

The One-size diapers fold down for smaller babies, and have lots of snaps for adjusting the fit.  Steve loves that he doesn't have to pin them.  I love that they don't have complicated washing instructions.  This last picture shows how small they can be (and yes they are loose when we first start using them), and how big they can be.  Although you can stretch them larger than this picture shows, and this isn't the loosest snap setting, either. 

Mother-Ease also sells small liners we use as baby gets bigger, and once we can stop folding the front down, there are snap-in liners to make the diapers thicker.   These diapers are fitted diapers, and do require covers (unlike the pocket diapers I first shared).  We really like using Mother-Ease Airflow PUL snap covers, but we keep some Dappi Nylon Pull-On Pants (NOT VINYL!) around for backups, as well.  We use the Dappis more with our little babies than older kids, though.  They're very soft, and don't leak.

(The Mother-Ease link I've enclosed isn't working for me at the moment.  But I was just at their website a month ago, so I'm hoping the link will be working again soon.)

Anyway, I was just in the mood to look at my baby items again, and decided to do some blog-nesting ... it's more fun than the closet cleaning nesting I really should be focusing on.

Trusting in Him,

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  1. ArrowsInOurQuiverJuly 21, 2008 at 7:18 AM

    How Fun! Love the guineas. Our chicks are doing well're right, they do grow fast. It's so good for the kids to watch and help with! See you soon.



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