Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh, my! Chickenpox, not strep!

4 yo M told me he had a sore bug bite on his ankle yesterday.  So I looked, and it had a big blister surrounded by red.  I initially feared poison ivy, and checked the other ankle and his legs up to his knees.  Both ankles had blistered spots, but they didn't really look like poison ivy, which is usually streaks. 

I showered him down, just in case, to remove the urushiol oil.  That's when I began to notice lots of other "bug bite" spots.  And then it dawned on me that his Monday symptoms could have been the onset of chickenpox. 

Sure enough, this morning the other "bug bites" are now blistered.  It's chickenpox.  I guess I don't have to wonder what his strep culture will show today.  I bet it's negative.  LOL!!

Fun, fun, fun!  Well, I guess 2 yo L will get it.  I think the older four all had it 4 or 5 summers ago, though.  It was light for all of them except 12 yo A, but her spots were all very tiny blisters.  So, I still have some doubts.  It's possible they could ALL end up with it now, I guess. 

But at least it should be GONE before the baby arrives.

Trusting in Him,

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