Friday, July 11, 2008

The picture of me using the mei tai, as promised

Here I am at 30 weeks pregnant, with 2 yo L on my back in the mei tai at the county fair.    (Now remember, this was a hot humid day, and we'd been walking around for quite awhile already, so the part of my hair that escaped from the clip in back has gone all curly and wild.  But at least 2 yo L has left her pony tail in.  Oh, and my 11 yo took the picture, so it's a bit fuzzy.)

I'm looking forward to using this as a chest carrier and back carrier with the baby.  It's very versatile, but I think it will work even better with someone smaller than my 2.5 yo.  If you looked at the links I shared previously, you can see it has two sets of very long straps that can be criss-crossed  and tied in many different ways to carry different sized/aged babies on your front or back.

I still like my slings (especially the unpadded ones) but this is even more hands-free and distributes the weight of the baby differently.

I'll have to get a better pregnant belly picture posted later.

Trusting in Him,

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