Monday, July 7, 2008

That probably wasn't a compliment

I'm thinking it's probably not a compliment when you arrive at church, and the first thing someone says to you is "When are you due?"  You tell them mid-September, and they say with surprise, "OH!  You still have quite a ways to go then!" 

Hmm.  Does that mean I look larger than 29 weeks and 5 days?

And then after church when another lady rushes up to you and asks, "How are you?!?!  Are you ready?!?!"  A question usually reserved for the last few weeks.  So, then you reply, "Well, I'll probably be more than ready before baby gets here, but I'll only be 30 weeks on Tuesday, so I still have 10 or more weeks to go."  A not-so-subtle reminder that you really aren't that close to your due date yet.

I was excited that on Tuesday I'll be approximately 3/4 of the way through this pregnancy, with 10 weeks left until my due date.  But now I'm just wondering how big that outfit made me look yesterday.  Maybe that blouse and skirt aren't as flattering as I thought.  LOL!!  Or maybe I really am huge for 30 weeks. 

I don't feel huge.  I think I'm about normal for being this far along.  It had to be the outfit.  I'm just used to being told I still look small, until the very last few weeks.  Although I do have to remind myself that this is a new church and a new community.  They don't know what I look like 7, 8, and 9 months pregnant yet.  But they will soon enough. 

But then again, maybe I should remind myself of how big I got with both my boys.  If this truly is another boy, I'm likely going to be larger than I was last pregnancy ... and I'm likely going to get many more comments like those.

Edited to add:  I am not upset about these comments.  I found it surprising, but also funny.  It did make me take a second look at that outfit when I got home, though. 

Trusting in Him,


  1. Sorry about that. The former comment was me.

  2. I know situations like that must be really awkward and at times raise hurt feelings.

    But I encourage you to find the joy in them. You are pregnant, PTL, so many women yearn for that. God is continuing a heritage within your family. Rejoice :-)

    Hope that brings a smile to your day!


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