Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This was not in my plans ...

I had no intentions of trying to potty train 2 yo L right now, but she is potty training.  None of my children have been ready or willing to train at age two, since my firstborn.  The rest were 3.5 yo, and almost 4 yo. I thought I had another year before this was going to come up.  But, with just 4 weeks until baby is due, she definitely seems ready to train. 

It has been over a week since this started.  One night she had undone her diaper while Steve and I were busy.  We told her siblings to get her to sit on the potty chair until we'd be free to diaper her in a minute.  Well, surprise!  She wet in the potty!

It was another 2 days before she used the potty again, but she succeeded that time, too.  For the past week, she has succeeded once or twice daily. 

I'm not really encouraging her to train.  Her siblings are encouraging her more than I am.  But usually she just removes her diaper and declares she's going to use the potty.  Sometimes she succeeds, and sometimes not. 

This was definitely not in my plans, but I'm not going to stop her, either.  I need to begin to work with her more directly and intentionally.  It will be easier to do now, than it will be in 4 or 5 weeks after baby is here.  She has older sisters to help her, but once we get to the stage of messing in the potty instead of just wetting in it, they will be reluctant to wipe her.

Why do my children always choose inopportune times to potty train?  13 yo A first tried to train when R was due.  I discouraged that, and she instead trained when I was in the midst of unpacking after we moved.  4 yo M chose to train when I was in the midst of packing for the move here last Fall.  And it seems one other child trained around a due date, also ... but I can't remember who.

Steve finds this very funny.  He is laughing.  I am merely resigned.  He says it is because I didn't have enough to do or worry about.   Really?

At least we no longer have a fully carpeted house.  We've already tested the fact that wood floors make cleaning up accidents easier. 

So, here we go!  I guess we're potty training again.

Rejoicing in Him,


  1. So nice to see your blog again!

  2. I found your blog! I remember the potty training days. Have fun ;o)


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