Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Are you wondering what companies the Homeshool Crew will be reviewing?

If you're wondering what companies will be providing products for the Homeschool Crew to review, you can find a list of vendors in the right sidebar at the Homeschool Crew blog, under "Vendors on Deck".  We'll also be adding a list of blogs that will be doing the reviews (to the Homeschool Crew blog, and also my own sidebar), so you can read more than one review on a particular product. 

So, watch the Homeschool Crew blog for details of what reviews are coming up!

Trusting in Him,


  1. I am making the rounds to peruse the crews blogs (in between lessons while I still have time). You are not the first one Ive seen the below Simple woman's thing on. I;ll have to check that out...

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you better over the coming year.


  2. I wanted to stop by and say hello to another fellow TOS crew member.. Looking forward to working with you this year!



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