Friday, September 12, 2008

Circumstances changing plans ...

The past 5.5 weeks have been complicated and full of unexpected twists for our family.  Steve's father was put in the hospital 5.5 weeks ago, with infections and gangrene in his legs from complications of vascular disease caused by poorly managed diabetes.  The first nearly 2 weeks of his hospitalization were out of state, and 4 weeks ago, Steve traveled out of state to bring his parents back home.  His father has been right back in the hospital ever since arriving home.  2 weeks ago, he had one leg amputated below the knee, and just over a week ago, he had the second leg amputated below the knee.  He's been in ICU ever since his first amputation 2 weeks ago.

Steve has spent probably half of the last 4 weeks with his parents, 4 hours away from us.  In the past 10 days, he has been AWAY from home 7 nights.  He has been up late many nights, and has had to get up earlier than usual to get to work on time from his parents home.  Thankfully, he works almost halfway  between our home and his parents home.  Otherwise, this would not have been possible for him.  Even so, most of his spare time has been spent on the phone, following up on his father's care and taking care of details for his parents.  When he is home, he has struggled to balance spending time with his family, keeping in touch with his parents and his Dad's doctors, taking care of necessary chores he is falling behind one, and even tele-working from home.

The children and I aren't used to having him gone so much, and especially not in the final weeks of pregnancy.  Two days ago, the news we were receiving from nurses and doctors (although there was some conflicting and confusing information) seemed to indicate we could be facing a funeral next week ... the same week the baby is due. 

Steve and I decided to ask our Dr. about inducing the baby on my due date, so that would  be one less factor to worry about.  Induction was not something we originally wanted.  We've been induced before, without complications, but we realize that it does increase the risk of complications and we've avoided it in the last two pregnancies, and had hoped to do so with this one.

Thankfully, Steve's father has begun to improve, but we've decided to leave the induction scheduled for Tuesday. Everything has been so chaotic and overwhelming for the past 5.5 weeks.  Although, we're hoping baby comes on his own, before Tuesday.

So, although the circumstances are not what we desired, this baby will be born sometime in the next 4 days ... unless the induction just doesn't work, although that has never happened to us before.

Trusting in Him,

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  1. How exciting a new baby. I miss having babies around but at the same time I love the diaper free, sippy free and no more baby stuff. I know sounds mean.LOL. I am just ready for our new stage. I would have loved to have more but dh is done so I have to go with the flow, thus enjoying our new stage in life. Whew tha was a mouth full.

    I love the picture of you. So very pretty. I'll be checking back to see the newest member of your family.

    Will keep you all in prayer.

    In Him,



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