Monday, September 29, 2008

Did you miss me?

After Baby G was born, my mother came to stay with us, and help out.  She came, mainly because she knew Steve's Dad was still in the hospital ... in and out of the ICU ... and that Steve would need to be able to go see his Dad at times.  And that was true. 

When Baby G was 5 days old, Steve's Dad took another turn for the worse.  So Steve took the oldest 5 kids and went to see his parents.  They were gone for 3.5 days, although to hear the children tell it, it was a week ... or a month!!   His Dad is stable now, although still in ICU.  We are trying to decide when to take the whole family out there, so his parents can meet Baby G.

Mom was here, to help with chores and to help care for 2 yo L while I focused on Baby G.  While Mom was here, I felt funny about spending much time online, so I didn't do any blogging.  Then she left, and I couldn't think of what to blog about.  So I just didn't blog.  I've had a window open to start an entry for several days, though.

But this morning, I was lying in bed next to Baby G after Steve left for work, and several different topics were flowing through my mind.  (It's his first day back to work since the Friday before G was born.)  I was composing blog entries as I lay there, so I decided to do some blogging before the kids woke up.

Baby G is doing pretty well.  I'm having oversupply and over-active letdown issues with nursing, unfortunately.  I've been able to control this issue for the past 4 children, by not switch-nursing.  (I didn't learn about it until my second child was 9 months old, but it was an "aha moment" when I learned about it.)  But, this time, with nursing 2 yo L and Baby G, I'm struggling to get it under control again.  I don't remember it being much of an issue when I was nursing M and L at the same time, and I'm not sure what I did differently then.

I realized yesterday that Baby G has a bit of thrush, and I need to get that under control quickly.  And he's having some diaper related issues that I am trying to diagnose ... it's either a result of the oversupply of milk (foremilk/hindmilk imbalance) or a reaction to something I'm eating (like dairy).   So, I'm cutting dairy and trying to gain control of the oversupply and overactive letdown.  Then we'll reintroduce dairy later, to see which issue we're dealing with.

(By the way, is an excellent resource for breastfeeding, as are, Dr. Jack Newman's website, La Leche League International's website, and Dr. Sears' website. )

We're still having our "baby break" from school.  This will be our third week off, and I need to start thinking about when to resume schooling.  I'll definitely take next week off, but may resume on October 13.  We'll see.

In the meantime, I have to help my children choose their 4H projects this week.  We need to turn in our project lists next week at the meeting.  Some of the children don't really care and have no idea what they want to do, but others are hyper-focusing on all the choices and are paralyzed re: making a decision.  So it's time for me to help them decide.  This is our first year in 4H, and we're still trying to understand what the project choices include, and how it all works.

And that's our little update (although not brief).

Trusting in Him,

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  1. Congratulations, April!! I'm so excited for you! I understand about leaving the hsblogger box open for hours or a couple days and then never even starting a post!

    Praying you get the thrush under control quickly & also the nursing issues.

    Our issues are undersupply & slow letdown-so I've got the opposite problem.

    I've used those websites, too-they are fantastic! Holly


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