Thursday, October 16, 2008

Has it been a year already?

One year ago, Steve was starting his new job, and he began living part-time at our farmhouse.  He divided his time between the new house, and staying with us at the old house.  We sent boxes with him every time he left our old house for work, and the new house.

Then, on November 10, we all moved to the farmhouse.  We moved during the coolness of Fall, when the wheat fields were green with winter wheat, and the deer were in rut.

Now, we have been here almost a full year.  We've seen the wheat fields sprouting green, buried in snow, growing tall, turning gold, being harvested, tilled, and replanted.  We've come full circle, to a field of green sprouts again. 

We've seen the deer in rutting season, boldly walking through our yard in the morning.  We've seen the does and fawns  venturing out to feed in spring, and have watched them grow as they fed on the mulberry bushes in summer.  Now rutting season is approaching again, and we've come full circle.

We saw the trees drop their last leaves, sparkle with ice and snow, sprout their first leaves, and turn green.  Now the leaves are changing and beginning to drop.  We watched different areas of the yard bloom with the color of new flowers through Spring and Summer.  We waited to see what would be next, learning what flowers his grandparents had planted as they bloomed.  We even planted annuals ourselves, adding our own touch to the property.

We arrived here as birds began to migrate south, we watched the arrival of the winter birds ... the juncoes and chickadees.  We watched them winter in the evergreen bushes near our windows.  We watched as the winter birds were replaced with nesting birds arriving in spring.  We watched them guard their nests and hatch their babies.  (Except the barn swallows who tried repeatedly to build nests on the porch that we kept chasing off.)  Now the birds are leaving again, and we are waiting for the return of our winter friends.  Maybe this year we can hang a bird feeder where we can enjoy watching the birds.

We've raised 5 guineas, raised and sold 2 Persian kittens, gained an outdoor barn cat, raised the surviving 2 (out of 5) barn kittens we found, and added a dog to our family.  We've even added our own child to the family since moving here ... joining in the miracle of life that we enjoyed watching amongst the animals.  And sadly, we've mourned the loss of Steve's Grandma ... whose home we're making our own.

And here we are a year later.  We failed to plant a garden this year.  We haven't painted the house, as we had hoped. But we've made it our home in every other way.  We've made repairs and tamed the property somewhat.  We've unpacked, settled in, decorated, and enjoyed life here.

We still find surprises from Steve's grandparents tucked away at times ... dishes in the basement, an old soda bottle in the garage, a teacup in the dirt, a jar in the barn.  It's been fun to live here; making it our own, and joining in his family's history.  When we meet someone new and tell them our name, we're proud to say that yes we are related to them, and yes, we live at the home place.

I can't believe it's been a year already.  Thank you, Lord!

Trusting in Him,

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  1. And, let's see, we've replaced some exterior siding and redid the chimney box, painted the exterior, repainted a few rooms, re-roofed it, replaced at least half a dozen light fixtures (amazing how many went out on us!), installed a new ceiling fan, installed a master bathroom fan, replaced 3 or 4 doors, added a screen door, replaced the exterior doorknobs, installed 2 new garage doors, installed a pull-down attic ladder, replaced the garbage disposal, cleaned out the drains after a plumbing backup, had one diseased tree removed, and I know I'm forgetting some of it. We still have a number of projects we'd like to get to, too! Ah, but the Lord has blessed our family of seven in this house, and it sounds like He has blessed your family as well.

    Michelle, from the TOS Crew


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