Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rethinking our school year ...

Since we'll be testing curriculum for TOS Homeschool Crew this year, we're rethinking our curriculum plans.  Our vendor list includes 6 different core curriculum products.  I don't know if we'll end up testing all of those, but since I intend to give each product we test a true trial, we'll be using whatever we're offered as our actual curriculum. 

Tapestry of Grace would be difficult  to start and stop throughout the year, so we're going to set it aside.  We'll use Five In A Row instead.  I will use FIAR volume 4, although the older girls will need extra assignments to make it challenging enough for them.  It will be easier to start and stop FIAR, since it uses picture books and each book is only 1-2 weeks of schooling.  No chapter books, no continuing theme or chronology to disrupt.  But it will still provide a good education for the kids, and it will fill in the structure when we don't have something to test.

We'll continue with our usual math curriculum, until/unless something else arrives.  We'll continue working on phonics with Josiah, and use our other usual books (grammar, logic, spelling, penmanship) in between testing products ... unless we decide we like one of our test products better and choose to stick with it. The only one using a science textbook is 13 yo A, but we may be testing Friendly Chemistry for her, so we've set it aside for now.  If we don't get chosen for that, she'll resume it.  The others are still reading their science books (Christian Liberty Nature Readers, and It Couldn't Just Happen).

Since some of the curriculum/products we'll be testing are not subjects we usually cover, I want to be careful not to overload anyone.  So we'll try to keep a balance of challenging everyone, covering our basics, and not pushing too hard.

This will be an unusual year, switching between different curriculum.  But, I know we'll still be learning, and growing.  I'm not worried about falling behind, or anything.  We'll resume Tapestry of Grace year 3 when we're done reviewing other curriculum.  We're looking forward to this year, and the opportunity to try new products.

Trusting in Him,

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