Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Things that 2 year olds say ...

2 yo L has been making us laugh lately.  She's very verbal, and she cracks us up.

While my mother was here after Baby G was born, we realized that her apologies lacked something ... sincerity, maybe?

"I sorry.  That was not an accident."    Really?  She says this all the time!

She also makes us laugh when she agrees with us.  She always says, "Uh, huh!  That's right!" 

When she isn't sure what you mean, L says, "Huh? What you talking about?" in a sweet voice.

When she wants to nurse, she says, "Me want mooky.  I like mooky."  Who can refuse that request for milk?  Never mind that it makes me feel like a cow, at times. 

Today, though ... I heard myself say something to her that sounded rather nonsensical.  "Your hands are cold, maybe you should put some socks on."    I know it sounds crazy, but her hands were cold.  So, I reasoned her feet were likely also cold, and her whole body would warm up if she warmed up her feet.  After all, the head and feet are two places we lose body heat rapidly.  But it sounded silly when I said it.

At least she is usually honest.  Today I asked who had dumped out the blocks.  She proudly replied with a loud and cheerful, "ME!"  She even raised her hand.  So, then I told her she needed to pick them up ... and she made a face that obviously said, "Aw, man!  Not that." 

Also, today she was talking with 13 yo A.  2 yo L told her oldest sister that she was Molly, our dog.  So 13 yo A decided to play dog with her.  A told L to Sit, Lay Down, Roll Over, etc.  2 yo L did each thing she was told.  Then, A told L to "shake".  L proceeded to shake her whole body instead of holding out her "paw" to shake hands with A.  A just laughed and brought L to show me how she plays dog ... complete with "shaking" for Mommy, too.  Again, she shook her whole body instead of holding out her paw.  Cute, cute, cute!

Communicating with a 2 year old can be so much fun.

And if you're wondering ... yes, I've been saving up blog posts in my mind all weekend, and just now getting them posted.  No, I haven't started the laundry yet.  Yes, I'm still in my pajamas at 4 pm.  Yes, I have been holding the baby most of the day.  Yes, the kids did resume homeschool today.  No, all my days are NOT like this.  I promise.

Trusting in Him,

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