Friday, November 21, 2008

Trigger Memory Systems -- Clean N' Flip Charts


I've heard about the Trigger Memory Systems Clean N' Flip Charts for several years, and I'm glad I was finally able to see them and try them with my children.


When we received the Clean N' Flip Charts, my children said, "We don't need those.  We know how to clean the house."  I looked at them and said, "Then why do I always have to point out things you missed or need to re-do?"  Well, a few days later we were able to put it to the test.  I informed the children that I wanted the entire house cleaned, and vacuumed!  My 11 yo organizer quickly ran for the charts and put herself in charge.


The children raided my laundry basket stack and went to work.  They cleaned the living room together, following the system.  Then they moved into the dining/school room, and the kitchen.  They even picked up their bedrooms!  As a room was cleaned, the assigned person went in and vacuumed the room.  My 7 yo son emptied the trash in each room, as well.  He's been keeping an eye on the cans and emptying them ever since then ... a miracle since my children usually pile the living room trash can so high it overflows onto the floor. 


And the best part was ... I didn't have to say anything.  I didn't have to follow them around or point out things they had missed.  There weren't toys lingering under chairs or in the corners of the room.  It was clean.  My children are known to respond to a direction to pick up by saying, "What?  It's clean already.  Why do we have to pick up?"  Then I have to point out the mess to them.  So, it was a blessing to have them truly clean the house, without any effort on my part. 


As an added bonus, my 13 yo daughter has decided to try to do the laundry for me.  She still wants me to watch her load and start the washing machine, but the Laundry for Kids chart gave her confidence that she could do it herself.  Now I just need to simplify my array of laundry products for her.


I'm sure that it won't always be this easy.  In the future there will likely be feet-dragging and complaining again.  But the Clean N' Flip charts do work.  They break the task of cleaning down into easy to follow steps for our kids. 


I have friends who have made their own "how to clean a room" charts.  They've printed them and laminated them, or put them in page protectors in a 3-ring binder.  They've then taught them to their children, and actually used them.  I know it can be done.  But I am full of good intentions and not always the follow-through.  It can also be difficult to discern how to break it down into steps without being too detailed, or leaving things out.  Trigger Memory Systems has done a good job of dividing the jobs into easy clear steps ... and they followed through with creating the system, so I don't have to.


There are three sturdy write-on/wipe-off spiral bound flip-charts:  Zone cleaning for Kids, Bedroom Cleaning for Kids, and Laundry for KidsZone Cleaning for Kids covers the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom.  A set of all 3 is available at a savings for $29.95, or you can buy them individually:  Bedroom Cleaning for Kids or Laundry for Kids flip charts are $7.95 each, and Zone Cleaning for Kids is $17.95.


Right now, Trigger Memory Systems is offering a special.  If you order their Times Tales Deluxe  OR the Zone Cleaning for Kids chart, you get one Bedroom Cleaning for Kids  chart FREE.   You just need to enter FREEFLIP in the comments section during your order process.  Not in the coupon code section, but the comments section.  


(Psst!  I did the math for you.  If you buy the Zone Cleaning for Kids, and the Laundry for Kids, then get Bedroom Cleaning for Kids free ... it is even less than the cost of their 3-pack.  Or if you don't think you need the Laundry one ... just buy Zone and get Bedroom free ... for $18.  That's a great price!  Maybe your kids need some stocking stuffers ... or better yet, maybe MOM needs some stocking stuffers.  Speaking of which, these would make a great Mother's Day gift.)


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