Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The beauty of the season

We have snow at last.  I've enjoyed the beautiful green outside my window for so long, that I'd forgotten how much I love the contrast of snow and trees on our land.  It is beautiful.  I can not imagine moving back into town after living out here.  I was feeling so cramped in town before we moved, and it would be hard to return to that.

While I love sitting at home when it's snowy, not having to go anywhere ... I wish that were the only reason we're staying home.  But it's not.  We have a tummy virus working its way through the kids, and more cold viruses.  Even 3 month old Baby G has a cold and cough now.  His little voice is hoarse, and I'm trying not to worry about it possibly being RSV.

We finally finished our Christmas shopping.  There are a few small detail items to pick up here and there, but we are basically finished.  I am learning again how to prioritize my time ... deciding what is truly important to accomplish before Christmas?  What can be given (or mailed) late?  What just doesn't really matter at all?  I'm trying to view that as a good lesson, and not stress over the changes in plans.

And now I need to rock a crying baby.  If he gets just the tiniest bit worse, I'm taking him to the Doctor.  Poor tiny baby boy!  I hate when little ones are sick.  I think I'll be sleeping with him in the recliner tonight.

Enjoy the beauty of the season!

Trusting in Him,


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