Thursday, December 18, 2008

The dangers of Elmer's Glue ... and a 2 year old.

If you're working on a Christmas project, and you suddenly realize your scrapbooking tapes are too large for it,

And if you decide to just use Elmer's glue instead,

And if you leave the Elmer's glue out because you're going to need it again,

And if you have a 2 year old in the house,

And if you leave the room ...


You might come back to find that:

The two year old has filled a toy tea cup completely with Elmer's Glue,

And is pouring it back out onto the table,

Where it will form a dinner plate sized pool of white goo.


In which case:

You'll be very thankful you have a plastic table cloth on your antique dinner table,

And you'll be glad you came along when you did, before it got any worse,

And you'll be amazed at the things 2 year olds manage to come up with,

And even more amazed that they survive!


It must be because they are just so cute, even when being naughty!


Trusting in Him,



  1. Ah, so true [smile].


  2. Well, not exactly that, but some close incidences! They are so cute at 2, though, aren't they? Our antique dining table from my Grandma's house has a custom table protector on it, and a vinyl tablecloth over that. When I want to place a fabric tablecloth on the table for holidays--or just because--I place it OVER the vinyl tablecloth and the table protector. Why? Because I'm an experienced mom of 5!


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