Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve!

My parents are here visiting us, and 2 of my sisters will arrive this evening.  We'll have my side of the family's Christmas exchange this evening.  The kids are eagerly waiting for their aunts to arrive.  Presents!

I had to take Baby G to the Dr. on Monday.  He's had a cold for nearly 2 weeks.  Last week he'd started gagging on mucous in his chest/throat and throwing up.  He'd get upset, start crying, start gagging, and up it'd come.  He even graced us with that performance at Steve's sister's house on Christmas Day.  Sigh.  But he just got more "rattly" in his chest all weekend long.  When we were home Monday I pulled out my stethoscope to listen to his lungs, and heard some squeaking between the rattling.  Wheezing.  Rattle rattle, squeak, squeak!  Sounds like an old car.

So, we made a Dr's appointment, and he is now on a decongestant, and albuterol treatments via the nebulizer.  He was already doing better yesterday, but I skipped his meds and nebulizer last night, and he was having a rough time at 3 am.  I almost got up to nebulize him then, but he finally settled down.  I'll have to be more diligent today.  He may not seem like he needs it at the time it's due, but when I skip it ... it shows later.

My parents gave Steve and I a new dryer for our belated birthday presents.  *Giggle*  They forgot my birthday, and then Steve's rolled around and they still hadn't done anything for my birthday (they're perpetually late, but I love them.)  Since they still hadn't gifted to me, they decided they couldn't send to Steve yet, either.  So, Dad had intended to give us cash while he was here, but when he found out my dryer had been broken for over a month ... they just snuck out and bought us a dryer instead.  My first ever brand new dryer.  Nothing fancy, but it is a wonderful blessing!  And it actually dries clothes in less than 90 minutes!  All my dryers have taken 90 minutes to dry a large load.  I'm told that's abnormal, but until yesterday, I didn't believe it.  *wink* 

Yesterday I washed and dried 4 loads.  I was so behind from our trip to see family last week, that I was going to wash and hang on the outdoor line this week, while the weather is above freezing.  It takes several days to dry that way, but it was either that or the laundromat.  I'm washing a couple comforters today, and then I'm caught up!  I could not have caught up with the indoor racks alone, and with Baby G being sick, I was finding it hard to get outside to hang clothes (not to mention the line only holds 3 or 4 loads) and they'd have to hang there for several days.)  It's a relief to have an empty laundry hamper again.

One of my sisters just moved back to Kansas.  She brought my other sister her couch, so I gained a love seat and couch that wasn't needed anymore.  I'm so thankful, because I've wanted a couch/loveseat set ... and I wanted to replace our leather couch (from freecycle).  It's low to the ground, and none of the kids liked sitting on leather.  They always fought over our recliners instead.  These couches are much more comfortable, and my sister had nice slip covers for them already.  We even gained seating this way since the loveseat replaced a recliner.  It is usually holding 3 people instead of the 2 it's designed to hold.  We gave away our old couch on freecycle (again).  I need to give away the old gold recliner, as well.

We're still on Christmas break from school.  We'll start homeschooling again on Monday.  I need to figure out the Latin Road to English Grammar more fully this weekend, so I can better help 13 yo A with it.  We're testing Math Mammoth with 9 yo C and 7 yo J right now (the curriculum, not the workbooks), and all the children are testing Further Up & Further In unit study with me.  We're having fun!  I also have some e-book products to review next month:  Homophones by All About Spelling, and Write Shop Story BuildersFriendly Chemistry is supposed to be shipping out this week for 11 yo R and 13 yo A to begin testing.  We're looking forward to that one, as well as waiting on Auralog Tell Me More: Spanish to arrive.  Seven review products at the moment.  That seems simple after the rush of reviews the last two months.

I guess that's all that is going on here.  We're just enjoying time with my family, and our extended Christmas season.  I have 2 more gift calendars to finish by Friday night, and then I can create mine and Steve's calendars.  I need to order a few more prints for mine and Steve's.  My photo printer ran out of ink again, and we decided to just order the last few prints rather than buy more ink right now.  I think we figured out that when we need over 100 photos printed, it's better to order them elsewhere than print at home ... at least on my printer!

I hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve ... and a Happy New Year!  When we look back at 2008, it is full of so many hills and valleys.  Joy and sorrow, blessings and trials.  I'm sure others have had similar years, even if the circumstances were different.  But I know God walked through this year with us.  I know He has us right in His hand.  I have no idea what 2009 will hold for our family, but I'm confident we're still in God's hands ... and I can't think of a better place to be.

Trusting in Him,

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  1. Hi April-just catching up on my friend list. Congratulations on your newest baby!!

    How do you like the tellmemore spanish? I've been looking at that curriculum for french. Holly


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