Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meet Molly Green -- Molly's Money Saving Digest


Molly Green is the main character in a new series of e-books from The Old Schoolhouse, and she happens to share a passion of mine and Steve's -- saving money! 


As homeschooling families, frugality is often one of our main concerns.  How do you stretch one income to provide for your family, and your children's education?  How do you reach your family goals, and pay off debt?  It takes creativity, self-control, patience, planning, careful spending, and sacrifice.  Molly Green has all of that, and wants to share her knowledge and ideas with us! 


Molly's Money Saving Digest will be an e-book digest, publishing monthly modules.  There will be a new featured article each month, as well as standard columns, including three write-in features where readers can share their ideas and stories.    The standard monthly columns will be:  Molly’s Minute, Begin with the Basics, On Sale this Month, Keeping it all Together, Feather Your Nest Frugally, Pull Up a Chair, Parenting that Pays, Something Old – Something New, Goal-Getter Spotlight, Readers Write In, Molly’s Question of the Month, and Words Worth Saving.   Each digest will also include helpful forms for budgeting and planning.  As an added bonus, if a reader writes in, and their suggestion is used in a digest module, they'll get that module free.


I enjoyed reading the January 2009 Molly's Money Saving Digest.  It encouraged me to continue with my money-saving efforts, and reminded me that I am not alone in my efforts.  Sometimes it feels as if we are the only family homeschooling on a tight budget, and I needed to be reminded that we are not.  It also reminded me of ways I can better organize our finances, as well as our home.  I especially enjoyed the ideas for decorating our home frugally, and finding new uses for old items. 


The Begin with the Basics column on bread-baking inspired me to resume this yummy household chore, which I had abandoned.  Molly also challenged me to open my home to others, an area where I need improvement.  I open our home to family several times a year, but I fail to invite community friends over.   I'm looking forward to trying some of the recipes included in the January digest, and sharing it with friends.


Molly's Money Saving Digest really has a little bit of everything.  I'm sure everyone will find something new and something inspiring in each and every digest.  Whether you're facing difficult times and tightening your belt for the first time, or whether you're an old-hat at living frugally ... Molly can help you.


Keep your eyes open at The Schoolhouse Store  for Molly's Money Saving Digest, January 2009 e-book.  In the meantime, be sure to check out Molly's new website:  Econobusters.  It's still under construction, and the store isn't open yet, but Molly is already posting ideas on the Econobusters blog.  I'm sure you can find some inspiration there, while you wait for Molly's Money Saving Digest.

Trusting in Him,


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