Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sometime's it's so tempting to be depressed ...

At times I find myself fighting the temptation to be depressed.  We are incredibly blessed, and there is so much to be thankful for ... and yet, so many things just do not go as we hope or plan.  Twice now I've started to list out all the things that are going wrong, and deleted them.  It doesn't matter what is wrong, or how many things aren't going well.  I still need to praise Him and get my eyes off of myself and my frustrations.


So, at the moment things are NOT going well.  Suffice it to say I'm frustrated and feeling blue, when I'd rather be cheerful and carefree this holiday season.


"Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior."  Habakkuk 3:18


I praise God for:

  • the roof over my head

  • my comfy bed

  • my hard-working loving husband who is my best friend

  • each of my 7 children, crazy bunch that they are

  • extra sheets, blankets, and towels ... for company, for warmth in winter, and for stomach viruses that pile laundry up faster than I can wash it

  • a deep freeze full of food

  • Christmas presents under the tree

  • my snowflake ornaments

  • clothes for each and every family member

  • friends who help by giving coats to us for the children who needed larger coats

  • beauty in the world around us, and in our home

  • a home in the country, at last

  • family who loves us and will travel to spend time with us

  • a living room large enough to really host family, at last

  • a home full of books, too many for our bookshelves

  • which helps me trade books I don't want for books I do want

  • being able to homeschool my children, even when they wish the word "school" didn't exist

  • a loving church family, who have rejoiced with us in Baby G's birth, and supported us in our grief

  • God's patience with me

  • a washing machine that still works ... please let it keep working!

  • a nice clothes line to use when the dryer doesn't work

  • being able to afford to heat our home this winter

  • health and physical ability to do the work required of me

  • learning to look beyond the colors of our walls, and focus on the life within them

  • a wonderful dog, who is perfect for our family, at long last

  • cozy socks and slippers to wear on our cold wood floors

  • fleece blankets and hot coffee on cold mornings

  • Steve's job being renewed for another year

  • good health insurance

  • finally getting signed up for dental and vision insurance

  • being a part of the Homeschool Crew, and testing new curriculum

  • all the little ways that God meets our needs, and even provides for some wants

  • being able to stay home with my children

  • a library that gladly inter-library-loans books for me, at no cost

  • a cute 2 year old to entertain the family

  • an active 4 year old to keep me young, and on my knees in prayer

  • hard wood floors that are easier to clean than carpet was ... when stomach viruses hit

  • enough beds for the whole family

  • being stretched and challenged

  • learning to be content

  • God providing a front bench for the Suburban, just days before Baby G was born ... making room for the whole family again

  • four seasons to enjoy

  • having hall closets, a basement, and a garage ... at last!

  • realizing that small table in the basement could be used for more counter space in the kitchen, and having it fit!

  • children that need me and love me

  • time to myself to recharge

Sometimes I just need to stop and make a list of my blessings. 


Trusting in Him,


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  1. We bought a 2000 GM Yukon XL (basically the same as the Suburban) this spring. Then we got a middle bench seat to bring it up to 8 passenger instead of 7. The middle seat is cloth, and all the rest are leather. Oh, well. They're all gray at least, and we were able to get the right seat belts to make it all work. It gives us a little more wiggle room around car seats.

    I'm also thankful for a 15-20 year old 15-20 cu. ft. Kenmore refrigerator in my garage, which the previous owners left with the house. It has come in handy over the past week since our main one has been out. I'm also thankful that we were able to find a new, big refrigerator to replace it, and it will be delivered on Saturday, even if it makes for a leaner Christmas in terms of presents. We have all we really need.

    I'm also thankful for hundreds of acres of woods behind our house, and some downed logs which the property owners told our next door neighbor he was welcome to, and a neighbor who will share them with us, as we are heating our house with wood this winter to save money.

    I'm even thankful for lots of neighbors who bought BSA Trail's End popcorn from my son, whose scout year is completely paid for, and who has won some neat prizes for selling $2,000 to 93 customers. And I'm especially thankful to have finally finished delivering it all!

    Michelle from the TOS Crew!


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