Thursday, January 8, 2009

The dog and the deer

I finally found something I do NOT like about living in the country.  Our dog dragged home a deer bone several weeks ago.  It was meatless and furless, thigh and shin joined by the knee.  She delighted in laying outside to chew on it.  We never let her bring it in.

Then the weather warmed up and it began to stink.  We threw it away in the burn pit several times, and she dragged it back out. 

Then last week while we had company here, she showed up with hunks of deer fur from wherever this carcass is.  We have tufts of deer fur all over our yard.  It's gross.

We've gone out on treks to try to find the carcass, and failed.  Steve took the boys out once,  Steve has gone out alone, and my girls have searched.  It must be off our property, but not too far away.  We didn't think she was that much of a wanderer.  But somewhere she knows of a deer carcass ... and she keeps dragging bits and pieces of it home.

Last week we had two bonfires in  the burn pit, and burned deer pieces each time.  This week, she has a new hunk of fur she's tearing apart next to my porch.

Which brings to mind some questions:
Where are all the other scavenger animals?  Why aren't they getting rid of the carcass so my dog can't find it? 

And where did the deer come from?  Some hunter's wounded prey he failed to track?  Or did he field dress it and leave behind parts for my dog to bring home? 

Was this hunter (if he exists) on our family's property?

What is field dressing, anyway?

Was the deer injured by a car?

How far away is this deer carcass? 

Is the fur from the same carcass the bones originally came from?

How much of it is left?

How many more "prizes" will my dog drag home?

Trusting in Him

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  1. When I lived in the country in my young years, our cat used to bring home dead fish from the lake (yuck).


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