Monday, January 12, 2009

The Homestead Carnival #78: Winter Blues

It's cold outside, and in many parts of the country, it's also dreary.  Combine that with the post-holiday letdown, and we are often faced with the Winter Blues.  The holidays are over, and suddenly we realize we have 2 or 3 more months of cold ahead of us. 

So, how can we deal with those Winter Blues?  There are several different ways to chase those blues away, and your fellow homesteaders are here to help! 

Many of us cope by dreaming of Spring, and gardens:

Summer is dreaming of Spring and drooling as she peruses her seed catalogs like Gardening Porn (posted at Wired For Noise.)

Stephanie is loving those seed catalags also, with  Spring on the Mind  (posted at Stop the Ride!.)

Sometimes we need to just pamper ourselves with some comfort foods to ward off the cold, and the Winter Blues:

Kathy (GeekyPoet)  is doing just that with a yummy sounding Slow Cooker Vegan Lentil Parsnip Soup posted at  Geek, Poet, Housewife Wannabe .

Kara has a New Year's Resolution to eat more pudding, and presents a delicious and rich recipe for home made  Spicy Dark-Chocolate Pudding  at An Hour In the Kitchen.

HowToMe presents How To Bake Rusks (a yummy twice-baked bread treat to go with your hot coffee, hot cocoa, or hot tea) at HowToMe.

wants to treat her family to delicious Amish Friendship bread without being over run with starter packages, and shares her awesome ideas on how to  Take Control of Your Amish Friendship Bread Starter  at Make It From Scratch.  Where was this article several months ago, when *I* needed it?

When the cold has us hiding out inside, we can often take the time to learn something new:

Rachel helps us do that as she shares about the characteristics of different oils and how they help in soapmaking in her article,  Learnin' About Oil - Characteristics posted at A City on a Hill.

Ray K teaches us how to make a backyard compost bin in his article: How Starting A Backyard Compost Can Save You Money posted at   Something else to consider preparing for Spring, and those gardens we're dreaming about.

Emma teaches parents How to get away with cooking once a week for your baby posted at Baby-Log.  Any parent fighting the winter blues could easily take on the new project of preparing baby food for her baby this winter, while only cooking once a week.

Condo Blues
is also in the kitchen helping us learn  How to Get Three Meals from Leftover and Seemingly Stripped Turkey Bones posted at Condo Blues.

Sometimes, we just have to fight the Winter Blues with humor:

April E. is trying to do that as she shares about The dog and the deer, posted at ElCloud Homeschool: Walking In His Ways.

If humor doesn't help, maybe some soft cuddly babies will encourage you this winter:

Stephanie shares pictures of her New Babies! at Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood.

And then there are always the practical tips to stay warm and cozy this winter:

Danielle Hull  shares a simple project, and a handy idea for staying warm by making a  "Bed Buddy" foot or neck warmer  at Teaching, Learning and Encouraging.

Grab a blanket, a cup of something hot, and take some time to read these great articles from your fellow homesteaders before you have to bundle up and face the cold to take care of the regular business of your life.

If you would like to learn more about the Homesteading Carnival, check out their WEBSITE.   To participate in future Homesteading Carnivals, enter your blog posts HERE.  If you would like to host a Homesteading Carnival, read about that HERE.  They still need a host for next week.

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