Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not the flu again ...

I was just reading my old blog entries from last February the other day ... how the kids had a cold, and then right after that a respiratory flu hit.  It was my kids' first respiratory flu.  Well, this is their second one.  Cough, stuffy nose, fever, headache ... hits hard and fast. Poor kids.

I feel bad because it hit 11 yo R first, on Monday.  She sounded and looked awful, but had no fever.  At least, I thought she didn't be feeling her forehead.  But, she was shivering as if she did have one.  I should have used the thermometer.  I wasn't quite as sympathetic as I should have been, either. 

Yesterday 2 yo L started acting sick, but without a noticeable fever.  She wanted to nurse so often yesterday.  I wouldn't let her, at all.  I'm trying to wean her.  Yesterday she only nursed at bedtime ... we skipped the morning nursing and afternoon nursing.  But she kept asking.  Actually, she might just have a cold and not the flu ... for now. 

This morning both 7 yo J and 4 yo M woke up sick.  They were fine yesterday, but woke up coughing, stuffy, and feverish today.  M has a bad headache, too.  My first clue that it's the flu, although I did think it odd that 11 yo R's cough was so bad so suddenly on Monday.  Duh!

Baby G is still fighting his cold which he's had for at least 3.5 weeks.  He doesn't need this flu on top of that.  We already had him on the nebulizer with albuterol meds for awhile.  So far, 9 yo C and 13 yo A are the only healthy ones.  I wonder how long that will last.

I guess today would be a good day to test out the Math Tutor DVDs I'm supposed to be reviewing.  They can lay on the couch and watch a dvd for their math, I guess.  It's time for some creative (and light) schooling.

They'll be sucking on chewable vitamin C and zinc all day today.  I'll be taking lots of it, too.   Orange juice anyone?  And NO you can not have candy!!

Trusting in Him,


  1. Someone in our family has had a cold since before Christmas. It seems to be moving through the ranks in slow motion. I almost wish we would just all get it at once and have it done!

  2. Sending prayers up for you all!

    In Him, Eva


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