Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Greenbeans In The Garden" by The West Girls

This is another song I enjoy.  We don't own any of The West Girls' CDs, but we enjoy watching this video on you tube, every now and then.  The kids love it, too. 

Now, we aren't like this family, really.  Last year we didn't get a garden planted at all, and I don't really like green beans.   I'm not milking a cow or plowing anything ... yet.  We don't let the kids run outside barefoot, although they always try to, because we find too many surprises in the ground ... tea cups, bottles, nails, wire, broken glass.  Apparently Steve's ancestors lost a lot of things.  We don't wear dresses all the time, or live in Amish country, but we do like using the clothes line in good weather. 

It's the positive note of the song, the contentment, and the thankful spirit within it that we enjoy.  It addresses the truth that it doesn't take lots of money, a big house, or stuff to make life good.  The song reminds us that the simplest pleasures are often the best -- companionship, the love of a family that is healthy, clothed, and fed.  It sings of the truth that serving our family brings joy, despite the hardships. 

This is "Greenbeans In The Garden" by The West Girls.  It's bluegrass style, but even my teen and preteens enjoy the song.  I hope you do, as well.

Trusting in Him,

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  1. Thank you for sharing that! I love this family. What beautiful talent they have.



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