Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Toddler Science Experiments

She did it again!  That toddler of mine, the 2 yo busybody.  This time, she conducted a science experiment ... unsupervised.  She decided to study the conduction of heat.  So she took my long thin crevice tool from the vacuum cleaner and held it up to something hot (so far we don't have a reliable confession as to what) and melted the end of it.  My crevice tool is now curved 90* to the left at the end. 

I found it that way, lying on the living room floor.  I questioned my 5 yo first.  I thought he might be the culprit.  But the 2 yo stepped forward and confessed.  I asked her if she put it on the kitchen heater (we have a stand-alone old propane heater in the kitchen).  I thought she might have touched the front of it while it was fired up.  She said yes.  But she later said she put it on the bathroom electric heater, and it went beep beep beep.  Then she told Steve that she put it on the electric living room heater. 

Those little electric heaters don't get that hot, I don't think.  We just use them to keep the chill off the room when we turn the furnace down a bit, to lower propane expenses.  Although the part about the heater going beep beep beep is disconcerting.  Just what does she do when I'm busy? 

I really think she had to have placed it against the kitchen heater, or stuck it up near the burner on the propane stove when I was cooking something. 

So, this little "sizzler" of mine needs more careful supervision.  Who knows what type of experiment she'll try next!   (If you're wondering why I called her a "sizzler", take a look at the Sizzle-Bop! website.)

Trusting in Him,

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