Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do you remember Trapper Keepers?

I can't remember if it was junior high or senior high when Trapper Keepers first became "the thing" at school. I remember wishing I had one for a couple years, and admiring everyone else's Trapper Keeper.  And then one year I finally got one.  It must have been on clearance, because I remember there weren't any dogs or cats or horses or anything fancy left.  The best that was left was a geometric/striped purple one with pink and turquoise on it. 

But it was a Trapper Keeper.  It might not have been my ideal design, but it WAS a Trapper Keeper.  I was so proud of it.  Not that it changed anything.  It didn't make me suddenly popular at school.  It didn't make me smarter, either.  It just was there, to show that I "fit in". 

Well, I still have my Trapper Keeper.  I used it through high school, and college.  I've used it to store information since then.  I graduated from high school 18 years ago.  I'm sure this Trapper Keeper is 20+ years old. 

Yesterday I gave it to my 9 yo daughter.  She was ecstatic!  She needs it because she's moving out of math workbooks, and into a textbook.  She'll be doing her math work on lined notebook paper from now on.  I told the kids about the Trapper Keeper Fashion, and how I was so glad to finally get one.  I told them about how it was on sale and all the fancy ones were gone, or else they were priced higher.  I just know those weren't options at the time.

The kids laughed about how my Trapper Keeper was "so 80s!"  But that didn't change how excited 9 yo C was to receive it.  8 yo J is jealous and keeps trying to take it from her.  He wants a Trapper Keeper of his own. 

I told him I wasn't sure I could find another Trapper Keeper but as he moves into doing more written work, we'd get him a fancy notebook of some sort.  13 yo A and 12 yo R have the Trapper Keeper of today, the cloth-bound 3 ring binders that zip shut. 

So it's time to start watching for more of those style notebooks on sale.  But if you still have your Trapper Keeper and it's in good shape ... I know an 8 yo boy who really wants one. 

(Re-reading this, I was reminded of how badly I wanted a Caboodle to store my makeup, jewelry and hair stuff in.  I finally got a Caboodle ... but it didn't make me prettier or more popular.  It was handy when I went away to college, though.  And Cabbage Patch dolls ... and Care Bears ... all the fads I caught the tail end of the ride for.  Yet, I survived and rarely even think about them ... until one of my kids tells me they just have to have something. Thankfully, being homeschooled and not having cable television, we do hear about less of that stuff.)

And before I close, I have to update the "2 yo antics" list.  I've posted before about her ... what happens if you take her to the mall, what happens if you let her watch South Pacific, what happens if you leave Elmer's glue out, what she can do to a vacuum cleaner crevice tool, etc.  But yesterday we had a new antic.  We let her watch Cats.  So at supper time last night, she got down from the table, and came back with marker on her face.  She told us it was her cat face.  She was very proud of her stripes, too.  I should have learned from South Pacific ... no musicals for 2 yo L.  She'll be 3 later this month ... but I doubt the antics will stop then.

Trusting in Him,

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