Thursday, March 5, 2009

I admit it ... I'm middle-aged.

I'm 35.  I remember when my Mom was 35, and that seemed SO old.  Middle-aged, I was sure.  Now that I'm 35, it doesn't seem so old.  My friends who are older than I am assure me I'm not middle-aged.  But I'm okay with it.  I'm comfortable as a 35 year old wife and mother.  It's who I am.

I realized I was "there" when I bought a new pair of shoes.  I was excited about my tan suede, block-heeled loafers.  I couldn't wait to wear them to church.  And then I had a flashback to elementary school.  My Mom bought a pair of black leather penny loafers with a block heel.  She was so excited.  I thought they were ugly.  They didn't have pointy toes, pointy heels, or a shiny finish.  There weren't any bows on them, either.  As I put on my own loafers, and remembered my Mom's loafers, I realized I was a middle aged mom.

One of my sisters is approaching 30, but not there yet.  She's single and hip, and she bemoans my lack of fashion sense.   My hair isn't stylish, I wear too many nursing shirts, and my jeans are "relaxed fit".  She teases me that I wear "mom jeans" with the straight legs, high waist, and relaxed fit.  I've watched "What Not To Wear" with her, and I know that they are always encouraging those middle-aged moms NOT to dress like a mom. 

I find that really funny.  I am a Mom.  I'm 35, married, and a Mom.  Why wouldn't I wear "mom jeans"?  I'm not trying to get any one's attention, after all.  Why should I dress like a 20-something young adult when I'm not?

But as I've begun to notice over the past year that many of my clothes were wearing out, stretched out, and needing to be replaced ... I took my sister's comments to heart.  I set out to find some shirts that weren't too baggy (although I still won't do the plunging necklines that are so popular today), and I tried not to buy "mom jeans". 

It was hard.  I wanted to buy the high-waist, relaxed fit, straight leg jeans ... because they make me look tall and thin.  They are the "fit" that I know and they look good on me. 

I set out to find something more modern and updated, however.   I wanted to be able to show my sister that I had bought something that was new and different ... not "mom jeans".  

I first ordered a pair of boot cut khaki slacks with relaxed fit and a "below waist" style.  Not low-rise, but below the waist.  The boot cut pants make me look short!  And not as thin as my straight leg pants, either.  But I decided to adjust to my new "body image" and ordered a pair of boot cut jeans, as well.  Those are more slimming and less shortening ... but I don't like the below waist style.

What is with the below-waist style?  Every below-waist item I've ordered (including 2 pair of denim capris for summer) has not fit well.  If the rear and hips fit well, then the waist is so loose I have to wear a belt.  If the waist fits well, then they're just too hippy!  I don't have large hips, and I consider myself to have fairly normal proportions, so I find this really odd. 

I wonder what mannequins they're using to fit these jeans to.  Apparently not one that looks like me.  In the future, I'll probably stick with the "mom jeans" ... because they look nice on me, they fit well, and I don't have to wear a belt to keep them up.  Besides, I am a mom.  A middle aged one, at that.

So, if you see me around town, and I look a little shorter or heavier to you ... it's the jeans!  But maybe they'll make me look younger, too.  I bet I have the "wrong shoes" for my new pants now.

Trusting in Him,

By the way, I just want you all to know that it's really really WRONG for a middle-aged Mom to have to deal with pimples still.  It's especially wrong when she gets a "pimple" on her neck that grows until it's swollen and 2 inches wide.   It's even more WRONG for a second one to start to form on her chin.  It's somewhat a relief when she sees the Dr. to find out that it's actually an MRSA (the bad staph) infection.  However, it's still embarrassing.  Because she isn't going to want to explain to everyone she sees that she has MRSA, but is on antibiotics.  But if she doesn't explain it, then they just are left wondering why she's wearing 2 bandaids, or why her neck is so swollen.  Thankfully, antibiotics work wonders, and swelling dissipates quickly.  However ... it's still wrong!  Believe me!  It's probably her punishment for vainly trying to buy non-"mom jeans".    So, if you're thinking of updating your own style, beware! 


  1. Only I'm a bit older than you! (Wink!)

    Actually, on the nursing tops, I've purchased quite a few from Expressiva. I love their styles--they make me feel feminine. They often have sales going--I only buy the ones on sale. Just pay close attention to their sizing. I usually take a large to extra large on their nursing tops (depending on how fitted they are in the hip area) when I usually take a smaller size in Motherhood and Motherwear!

  2. Hi, April! My sister is 14 years younger than me! When my Dd3 was watching her put on make-up in the kitchen, she said "My mommy does that." My sister looked at me and questioned my daughter, "Are you sure?" I said "Yes, every great once-in-awhile." I probably seem like more of a mom than a sister to her. Too funny!


    Danielle, from The Crew


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