Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Three firsts today with our cattery!

We missed homeschool group today.  While we were eating lunch, I noticed that Sweetie (our Persian) was laboring.  I hoped we could catch all the kittens, settle them in their nursery, and be late to homeschool group.

Well, this time she had FOUR kittens instead of 2 or 3.  The first three came within an hour's  time, but the last one took over an hour to arrive.  I could tell she was still laboring.  After she'd been pushing for awhile, I realized the kitten was breech and it's rear feet were out.

I watched her for awhile, hoping she could push the kitten out on her own, unsure if I should lend a hand or not.  I wasn't even sure if the kitten was alive or not.  When I touched the feet, there wasn't any movement, although it was warm. 

I finally called our vet and he said, "Pull it out!"  I was tentative, and fearful of hurting the kitten or Sweetie, but I managed to get it out finally. 

Sweetie was not happy with me, but she's doing okay now.  She's cleaned her kittens up well, nursed for quite awhile, and is now venturing out to eat and drink.


  • four kittens for the very first time

  • a breech kitten for the very first time

  • I provided traction and helped pull the kitten for the very first time

Now to just keep an eye on their growth.  I'll be weighing them twice daily to be sure they're all thriving.  We have two red (orange) males, 1 black female, and 1 black male. 

I'm already having to fend off the kids, though.  They are NOT allowed to touch the kittens yet, but they all want to.  We'll especially have to watch 2 yo L and 5 yo M.

Fun times (and some messy ones) are ahead!  We love having kittens in the house.  I'll be posting pictures at  ElCloud Cattery Blog.

Trusting in Him,

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