Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A long overdue update on our family

Well, I just wrote my last review for the TOS Homeschool Crew.  I still want to write a journal entry (of sorts) about my time on the Crew, but otherwise, I'm done.  Life has been fairly hectic here lately and I've neglected to write about our family.

We lost another Persian kitten several weeks ago, so only two survived.  But those two are active and running around the house.  We've listed them for sale, and will hopefully be telling them goodbye soon.  We're also having to make decisions about our Persian queen and stud, whether it's time to retire them.  If we retire them, will we buy more and continue breeding, or will we just retire ourselves as well?

Our outdoor cat had 4 kittens 1.5 weeks ago.  However, she was a neglectful Mom and none of them survived.  Stupid cat.  She's so pretty and I was looking forward to more barn cats.  I hope and pray she gets more mothering instincts next time. 

Saturday, 3 yo L cut her hair.  She hacked off several tufts that were 3 inches long just above her ear.  Thankfully she left enough there that it's not too obvious.  An hour after she did it she suddenly reached up and said, "Oh no!  There's no long hairs here!"  Well, duh!  What did she think would happen?

Yesterday, 9 yo C cut her leg in a rather unusual way.  She was climbing a chain link fence with 8 yo J to get into a tree.  This portion of the fence is kind of falling down away from the top fence bar.  When J stepped into the tree, the fence flew up and C fell off.  But as C came down, she hooked her ankle ON the top of the chain link.  She was momentarily suspended upside down by the chain link IN her skin.  Gross!  J told her how to move to free herself, but she left a chunk of her skin and tissue out there on the fence.  She walked into the house acting pretty calm, although she did start shaking while we cleaned and bandaged it and assessed whether it needed stitches.

We had to take her to the Emergency Room for 6 stitches and a tetanus shot.  Besides the inch-wide wedge-shaped cut, she also had a separate puncture wound.  She was really worried about the stitches, but she never did break down and cry.  She was very brave, and Steve and I are proud of her.  She's sore today, but we're just glad it wasn't any worse.  She and J have sworn to stay off the fence from now on, and we've all agree to stand at a distance and "hurl insults" at the "stupid fence".   The ER nurse remembered me and Baby G from when we accompanied Steve to the ER 2 months ago for the staples he needed in his head.  Not the way I like to be remembered.

As I said, my time as a TOS Crew member is over, but I have become a reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse magazine itself.  I received a box of children's books today to read and write reviews on.  Those will be submitted to TOS, and will be posted on the TOS website -- http://www.thehomeschoolmagazine.com/Homeschool_Reviews/ .  If I'm lucky, some of my reviews might make it into the magazine someday.  The children and I are just glad to have a chance to continue writing reviews on products.

Steve has been "crazy busy" at work, with an approaching deadline.  He's been working late every night and even worked all day Saturday this past weekend.  The kids and I are all missing him, and while he's busy with work ... our chickens are growing bigger and bigger.  They are ready to move outside, but we don't have a shelter ready for them.  We're still trying to decide where would be the best place to keep them.  We have a fenced area that our guinea lives in, but it has no coop.  I'm trying to figure out how to add a coop outside the fence that would open INTO the fenced area.  But I still need Steve's time and help to accomplish that.

Baby G is mobile, but not in the usual way -- at 7 months, he's not crawling.  But if he's sitting up, he manages to scoot to where he wants to be.  The other night he was sitting in the kitchen while I cooked, and he kept scooting (on his bottom) over to the kitten food.  I kept moving him, and he'd come right back.  He's also trying to pull up, even though he still doesn't crawl.  I blame the exersaucer, and the dog.  We put him in the exersaucer more to keep him away from the dog ... so he's had less floor time than any of his siblings.  Having wood floors hasn't helped, either.  I'm trying to decide how worried to be if he skips crawling.  We always hear that it's necessary for brain development, but is it?

We're moving through Tapestry of Grace year 3 at a "double time" pace.  I want to be able to start Year 4 in the Fall for the beginning of 13 yo A's 9th grade year.  So, we looked at the calendar and realized that if we did 2 TOG weeks per week, we could finish TOG this year.  We're taking the "superhighway" approach to these last 2 units.  It's not ideal, but it will work.  We'll be finishing our school year the first week of July, thanks to the baby break, funeral break, and breaks for family visits. We'll finish just in time for the County Fair and my sister's wedding.

Well, it's time for me to make supper and rebandage C's leg.  I'd better work fast while G is happy. 

Trusting in Him,

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